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Jaman Mural Village Inside Out

Situated on the hillside next to the Jeonju Hanok Village, Jaman Village used to be one of Jeonju’s ‘daldongnae’ (poor hillside village or shantytown). Now, thanks to the murals drawn by the talented local artists, Jaman Village, or ‘Jaman Mural Village,’ became one of most popular attractions in Jeonju.

Today’s post will be about the inside out of Jaman Mural Village. You may take photos in front of the famous murals, but the village has a variety of other things to see and eat!

▲ Jeonju ‘Omokdae’ and ‘Imokdae’


If you’re walking to Jaman Mural Village from the Hanok Village, I recommend taking the route that passes ‘Omokdae’ and ‘Imokdae’ pavilions. They are historic sites related to King Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, and also you can enjoy the panorama of the Hanok Village.

After the pavilions, you’ll come across the ‘Omokgyo’ bridge. At the end of the bridge, there’s a guide board on Jaman Mural Village.

▲ (Left) Oksangdalbit; (Right) the Garden of Kumkuneun Nalgae


At the entrance of the village is the café and guesthouse ‘Oksangdalbit.’ The building reminds me of a grocer’s store appearing in a fantasy tale. Nearby is another guesthouse ‘Kumkuneun Nalgae.’ If you want to spend a night at the village, I recommend those two places.


<Guesthouses of Jaman Mural Village>

Kumkuneun Nalgae: http://dreamwings.modoo.at/

Oksangdalbit: http://blog.naver.com/oksang_moon


▲ The murals of Jaman Village

As I walked along the murals, I could hear someone singing. I followed the melody and bumped into a flea market and a busking concert at ‘Umonaemo Shimtoe (rest area).’ People were enjoying the spring breeze and the concert while sitting freely on the grass. There often are concerts like this when the weather’s nice, so don’t miss them!

After the concert, I discovered these unique stores such as ones selling ‘almost everything’ on Pikachu, ice slush drinks and heart pins, and instant lotteries.

Also, there’re cafés at almost every corner of the village so that you may sip coffee or tea while having the Hanok Village under your feet. After walking the hillside for a while, I really needed some iced drinks and desserts.

On the way down, I found a place to print the photos that I’ve taken in front of the murals. It only cost 1,000 won to print the photo and make it into a nice postcard of my own. This must be one of the best souvenir from my visit here.

Until several years ago, Jaman Mural Village used to be one of those lonely hillside villages in Jeonju. However, every time I visit, new things seem to spring up. I had a happy time here with my friend seeing and enjoying the village.


If you plan to visit Jeonju, I recommend visiting Jaman Mural Village, where you can take one of the best photos in your life!


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