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Hop on Jeonju Bus #165 for Cherry Blossom

Jeonju Bus #165 is known to travel through the most renowned cherry blossom spots in the city. Let’s hop on!

Jeondong Cathedral

(Bus stop: Jeondong Cathedral, Hanok Village / Stop number: 30602)

This is the famous Jeondong Cathedral. On the right side of the cathedral, behind the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, is a beautiful cherry blossom tree. The flowers blossoming above the stained glass and the green roof seem like the materialization of prayers and chants. Adding to this, the visitors’ early 20th century costumes and colorful hanbok really bring the spring out.

The Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, the Songchungyo Bridge, and the Jeonjuchun River

(Bus stop: The Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts / Stop number: 3112)

Hop off at the bus stop ‘Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts’. I recommend walking southwards along the Jeonjuchun River. Follow the yellow forsythia fully blooming under the cherry blossom trees.

​I came across kindergarten kids led by their teachers over a bridge. This is the relaxing cherry blossom trail of the locals’ daily life.

Children’s Center and Deogam Village

(Bus stop: Children’s Creativity Experience Center and Deogam Village, Stop number: 31154 (direction the zoo) / 31155 (direction the Hanok Village)

Spring is at its peak at the Children’s Center and Deogam Village bus stop. The post stood alone like a lollipop, but the atmosphere is very cheerful.

This area is already frequented by the locals and visitors. The cherry blossom was in full bloom, along with the yellow dandelions and the wildflowers boasting various colors. I witnessed the most splendid face of the spring here.

From the couples heading to the zoo to the middle-aged men, almost everyone was busy taking photos and having joyful time.

In the morning the sunlight shines the Jeonbuk National University direction. In the afternoon, the sun is shining from the Jeonjuchun River. Use the counterlight to take photos representing different moods! I also recommend taking photo of the outside from inside the bus.

Jeonju Zoo

(Bus stop: Jeonju Zoo / Stop number: 31197)

The last stop of the Jeonju Bus #165 is the Jeonju Zoo. The zoo is famous for the biggest and the most magnificent cherry blossom. The bus dropped me off at the zoo car park.

The main street of the zoo is famous for the giant cherry blossom trees. However, I also recommend this little trail next to an orchard. How about taking photos of the cherry blossom trees and the ferris wheel which emerge from the wall surrounding the zoo.

This beautiful bus stop is both the last stop and the starting point of the bus. Check the bus timetable at the bus stop before heading to take photos of the spring flowers!

Taking the bus #165 may be more efficient way of travelling Jeonju this spring.

It seems that the cherry blossom flowers will be in the full bloom in the early April. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to take instagrammable spring photos!

Major attractions in the Jeonju Bus #165 route

  1. Jeondong Cathedral, Jeonju Hanok Village, and Nambu Market
  2. Chungang Cathedral and Chungang Market
  3. Deokjin Park and the Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
  4. Gunjisan Trail and Honbul Park
  5. Sori Arts Center
  6. Jeonju Zoo


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  • I love spring in Korea and Cherry Blossoms time. It looks like Jeonju has so many of them, that’s truly wonderful and this bus route seems perfect to sightsee them all.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Very beautiful season. I enjoy spring watching the nature and landscapes!

  • Garrett Hohn

    Wow, look at those endless yellow bushes alongside the cherry blossoms. What a wonderful contrast!