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Explore Jeonju’s autumn foliage hotspots, including three famous sites around Geonjisan Mountain.

The best places for autumn foliage

Three top foliage sites near Geonjisan Mountain

Jeonju’s autumn is as stunning as a wreath made by nature, adorned with beautiful fall leaves. Here are Jeonju’s foliage spots, where you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts in the cool autumn weather.


1. Geonjisan Mountain

Geonjisan Mountain, covering Songcheon-dong, Deokjin-dong, Hoseong-dong, and Ua-dong, is a mountain cherished by the residents of Jeonju. The trees in their autumn foliage created a special scene.

“Geonji~san, with its fresh vitality~” This mountain is quite the gift of nature, it’s even included in school anthems.

Geonjisan Mountain, a significant mountain in Jeonju, is a common feature in the anthems of schools in Deokjin-gu. Singing ‘Geonji~san, with its fresh vitality~’, I found myself humming the school anthem without realizing it.

Autumn seems to be just beginning at Geonjisan Mountain, with many trees still green. The afternoon was relaxing, with the sunlight warmly shining through the thick leaves.

The leaves at the top, closer to the sun, are turning red, indicating the gradual arrival of autumn from the top down.

I discovered a Chinese quince tree tunnel on the way to Osongje! Walking through it, with its fragrant quince scent, felt like entering an enchanting new world.

From afar, the view of Osongje and Geonjisan Mountain dressed in colorful autumn leaves! Visiting at noon, the weather was neither too hot nor too cold, enhanced by a gentle breeze, making for a pleasant autumn day.


2. Osongje

“Osongje, with its five pine trees.”

Osongje is named for ‘the place with five pine trees,’ and continues to preserve this history by maintaining five pine trees.

If Geonjisan Mountain is just welcoming autumn, Osongje, bathed in sunlight, is already in full autumn. Osongje is a sight to see with its autumn leaves. Some areas haven’t turned yet, so I also brought some photos from last year when the leaves were at their most colorful.

I found this view while taking a break! I was amazed by the line of trees. The view of Osongje through the trees looks like a picture in a frame.

Here’s the path of cosmos flowers I found while walking around Osongje. Cosmos, a symbol of autumn, have truly beautiful colors.

Strolling on the deck above the pond, I could take in the stunning nature and admire the autumn leaves.


3. Jeonju Zoo

Just a short walk down from Geonjisan Mountain, you’ll encounter Jeonju Zoo! It’s a popular destination for walks and picnics among the residents of Jeonju.

Upon entering, you’re immediately greeted by trees awash in autumn colors! The array of trees transitioning into their fall shades is truly stunning.

The zoo was alive with blooming autumn flowers. It has become a hotspot for bees and butterflies, attracted by the marigolds and chrysanthemums. The autumn-blooming flowers, with their rich colors and far-reaching scents, add significantly to the autumnal atmosphere. 

Jeonju Zoo has recently reopened its renovated areas. Asian elephants and zebras now share a habitat that resembles vast grasslands. 

After a lengthy renovation, the area has been transformed beautifully, exceeding expectations. The space provided for the animals inside is large and seems quite comfortable. 

Even the area housing Siberian tigers and wolves is now touched by autumn.

Jeonju Zoo offers a chance to admire gorgeous autumn foliage and meet diverse animals. For those wanting to immerse themselves in autumn, Jeonju Zoo is an excellent choice. 

You can see small animals peacefully napping in the warm sunshine, possibly preparing for the upcoming winter.

Strolling through the zoo’s spacious grounds, you can leave behind daily stresses and connect with nature. The zoo features several rest areas, ideal for family visits.

“The hidden foliage spot, Girinji Pond”

My personal hidden gem for autumn foliage in Jeonju Zoo is Girinji Pond. Upon entering the main gate and passing the information center, turn left to discover this hidden gem of a pond.

This area, with its lotus flowers, autumn leaves, dense weeping willows, and a crossable bridge, truly elevates the feel of autumn.

Autumn is at its most vibrant now. As it’s a fleeting and precious season, be sure not to miss these splendid moments! Why not create lasting memories by exploring the renowned autumn foliage spots of Jeonju?

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