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Explore Jeonju Hanok Village’s Alleys with a Cultural Tour Guide


It’s almost autumn. The weather has been just right for walking around Jeonju Hanok Village. The Hanok Village is offering several walking tour guides for visitors. I took the tour and found it both informative and interesting.

There are seven different walking tours offered by Jeonju Hanok Village: Gyeonggijeon Shrine History Tour, Hyanggyo Seonbigil Tour, Taejo Lee Seong-gye Road Tour, Hanok Village Alley Tour, Jeonju Buseong Old Road Tour 1, Jeonju Buseong Old Road Tour 2, Heritage and Art Village Commentary Tour.

All the tours are free of charge except for the entrance fee for Gyeonggijeon. You may find out more about the time and routes of each tour on the Jeonju Hanok Village’s homepage below.


I did Hanok Village Alley Tour. The tour departs every day 11am and 3pm, from the Gyeonggijeon Tourist Information Center. The tour covers the Jeondong Cathedral, Taejoro street, Fan Culture Center & Choi Myeong Hee Literary Museum, Eunhaengro Street, Seunggwangjae, Hanjigil Street, Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center, and Omokdae Tourist Information Center.

There’s no need for individual travellers to book the tours in advance. Be in front of the Gyeonggijeon Tourist Information Center by 11am or 3pm. Different tours start from different locations.

The Monday morning in Jeonju Hanok Village seemed more laid-back than weekends. The tours are more crowded on weekends.

We skipped Jeondong Cathedral, because it was under restoration. While walking, the guide explained why some paved stones are darker. Jeonju used to be a walled city. However, the Imperial Japan collapsed the wall during the colonisation period. Where the wall once stood are now paved with darker stones.

So, I learned something interesting and educational from the guide. Then, we proceeded to Choi Myeong Hee Literary Museum and Jeonju Fan Culture Center.

At Jeonju Fan Culture Center, the visitors can watch the exhibitions and experience fan-making and drawing on a fan. Throughout history and until now, fan is a specialty of Jeonju. I also learned that, in the past, men used the folding fan and women used the wider fan.

We entered the Eunhaengro Street. The name of the street ‘eunhaeng’ (gingko tree in Korean) comes from the 600 years old gingko tree on the street. The record says the tree was planted in its current site in 1383. In 2005, a baby gingko tree sprung up next to the old gingko tree

I found those cat sculptures very cute.

I visited Jeonju Hanok Village many times in the past, but it’s my first time discovering and walking the beautiful hidden alleyways. Turns out that some locals voluntarily gave up parts of their real estate to make the alleyways.

This is Jeonju Daesaseupcheong, hosting performances, experiences, or exhibitions related to Jeonju Daesaseupnori (Jeonju’s traditional performance contest).

This is Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center. Visitors can experience hanji (traditional Korean paper, also a specialty of Jeonju) making and various other things we can do with hanji.

The last stop on the tour is Seunggwangjae. It’s a residence of Mr. Yi Seok, a descendant of the Joseon Dynasty royal household. He gives lectures on the culture, traditions, and history of the royal household.

Since I took the tour on Monday, many museums were closed. However, my tour guide was never short of interesting stories about the alleyways we walked through. I had fun and educational time with the alleyway tour at Jeonju Hanok Village.

Jeonju Hanok Village Tourist Information Center
Address: Kirindaero 99, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-282-1330
Homepage: http://hanok.jeonju.go.kr/contents/en_tour

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  • Jared Sandler

    It is good to know that Jeonju used to be a walled city before the Japanese colonial period. One of the most interesting things about the ‘Hanok Village Alley Tour’ would probably be the lecture content at Seunggwangjae about Joseon Dynasty culture, traditions, and history. A special opportunity to hear from Yi Seok, a real descendant of the ‘Yangban’ or ‘Hyanggyo’. Another intriguing part of the ‘Hanok Village Alley Tour’ would be to visit Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center. Curious to learn about how many things can be made from traditional Korean paper and Hanji’s different applications.

  • Sameer Alam

    Life changing experience💞💞💞
    Such a fun experience to walk around here wearing the Hanbok. A great way to experience the historical culture that will live forever. The surrounding architecture is so pretty and clean. So much to see and experience here!

    this🔶️ “hanok village”🔷️ is a touristic reconstruction, but while strolling among the hanoks (Korean traditional houses) you can feel and breath an atmosphere of intimacy and quiet. Nice for families with children too.

  • Rea Aguinaldo

    Thanks for sharing about this activity! Going around a place of interest by oneself is definitely a great way to spend some time immersed in your surroundings, but I think guided tours are essential so as not to miss out important information about the place you are visiting! Walking tours are a must in historical assets and guides are really helpful.

  • mahesh jain

    another elegant Jeonju Hanok Village. it encompasses culture,history and tradition in one and all. i love the preservation of all the historical buildings and places.
    Hanji is the best of all. And giving visitor to have hand-on experience to make such traditional Korean paper

  • Jed Rattikal

    Thank you for introducing the Hanok Village Alley Tour!
    This will be the whole new experience if I have a chance to take part in because if I go there myself, I would get lost somewhere real soon. lol

  • Soontare Suntares

    I would love to strolling around the Jeonju Hanok Village in various routes. Each route will give me different insights about the village and history behind it. I have found it’s very interesting experience I want to try.

  • Haagii Jp Kr

    Cool love to visit

  • Natashaz Grangerz

    I had been to Jeonju Hanok Village once but just wandered around myself. I was kinda lost so this blog gives me an idea that I should get a guide and I will learn much more about this village which I really want to know.

  • Sujan Rathnayaka

    This is a good guide to visit to Jeonju Hanok village. This article contains all the details to visiting the vilage. Thank you

  • Imesh Jayasingha

    This is a good guide to visit to Jeonju Hanok village.This article contains all the details of visiting the village. Thank you

  • Manoj Wèerasinghe

    very interesting 😀😀😀 I like it so much

  • Sameer Alam

    Very interesting and exciting experience of this i really want to feel the walk experience..🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Melissa

    Never been on a trip with a tour guide, but I’d love to try!

  • Rythem Hong

    Lovely village 💞💞💞
    I really loved this place and I would definitely visit here again. Since its a hanok village, you can see many traditional Korean houses. Also you can wear Korean traditional clothes or old Korean high school uniforms or even vintage clothes of late 1900s while taking stroll in the neighborhood. How cute is that? Lot of beautiful buildings, cute cafes and delicious restaurants, loved the designs and architecture. Must visit place if you ever go to Jeonju.

  • Ruperdra Singh

    The charm of Jeonju Hanok Village lies
    in the hanok buildings’ unique roof edges, which are slightly raised to the sky.It is an important tourist center famous for Korean food, historic buildings, sports activities, and innovative festivals. I am very fond of the Korean culture.
    Walking tours are a must in historical assets and guides are really helpful.

  • Angel Parity

    I arrived at the beautiful Hanok Village in the evening. Then we rented hanbok from a local shop. Ajumma helped me in selecting the hanbok and wearing it. She also helped me tie my hair to match with the dress. We walked around the village wearing the hanbok. I saw many stunning traditional houses there. It was my first experience wearing hanbok and it was awesome. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b9e6f8fd4e389e666a6033427b077226509313fdb79c21ee1cd0dd92ac9d502.jpg

  • Saranya

    I love Korean culture, thank you guys , just appreciate that you guy’s are still maintaining the heritage and culture, love this hanoks and hanboks

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I think this activity should definitely be done. Every time I have been to Jeonju I have walked on my own and sometimes I have had doubts and questions to learn more about the history. The next time my walk will be guided to learn more about this beautiful city.

  • Sakeel Rehmani

    Jeonju is a place where you can feel korean tradition and culture. This year all festivals has been canceled. I have seen a different color of nature. For a moment, I forgot about sorrow and stress. Everyone was enjoying, smiling, singing. It seemed like we came back to normal. . It was nice and soothing in the morning. I could feel peace and serenity. The discussion session with the chief monk of the Jirisan temple and the mayor of Jeonju was just awesome. I am grateful that they received our thoughts and opinions cordially. Finally the famous stone . The side dishes and snacks were so tasty and different. I loved how the owner treated us…🥰
    Wanna go to Jeonju again and again…..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Kriti Sana

    The whole village is one giant photo shoot opportunity. Whether you go up on the hill to look down at the beautiful rooftops awash in the golden sunest, or the bamboo grove and cherry trees in tthe Gyeonggijeon garden, or the amazingly creative and colorful mural Village of Jeonju, you can’t go wrong. You’ll end up with beautiful photos to cherish all of your life.

  • Suhel Ahmad

    In Korea, autumn falls between the months of September to November, offering amazing weather and beautiful autumn foliage. If you are planning an excursion to Korea then don’t miss out on the incredible fall colors in this mesmerizing place. I heard about the
    Cultural tour guides are volunteers who
    provide in depth information on the historical, cultural and natural sites for tourists. I am very interested in knowing the depth about korea history and tradition..

  • Tawwab Khan

    South Korea is an incredible country to explore now, one of the things I love most about the country is how diverse it is. Not only does it have some incredible vistas and protected coastlines, but it also has some of the best places in South Korea that are dotted all across the country.
    The history and tradition is really amazing feelingfull. It must be travel with culture guide to know more about the culture and heritageal history in depth 😊😊😊😊

  • Eub Tani

    Amazing Beauty ❤️

  • Ayan Azmi

    Hanok Village is a place where you can get familiar with the history as well as culture of Korea. It the cultural identity of korea the history and tradition could have emerged here, bringing to the cultural together.
    I definitely want to visit here😊😊😊

  • Sam Bilings

    I really want to Enjoy a slow day and tour around the lovely Jeonju Hanok Village where you can immerse yourself into the traditional Korean ambiance with more than 700 traditional hanok houses. There are also many little quaint cafes for tea break, or try some Jeonju local food. There are also craft markets where you can shop around and find yourself some nice handmade crafts.😍😍😍😍😍