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Even Better Night View of the Hanok Village with “One More Day” Project

The night view of Jeonju Hanok Village is renown nationwide. Personally, I always find the light spreading under the black tile roofs at night almost mesmerising. Earlier this year, the city of Jeonju improved the night view of the Hanok Village through “One More Day (Haru Deo)” project. Let’s find out!

What’s “One More Day” project?

The city installed new lightings throughout the Hanok Village. Under the new lightings, the hanok buildings stand out more and pedestrians are safer. The visitors to the Hanok Village can enjoy even more elegant traditional beauty of its night view.

1. New lightings installed along the 700 meters of the Korean-style wall

2. 62 Cheongsachorong (Korean traditional red and blue lamp) at Taejoro (the main street of the Hanok Village) repaired

3. New lattice street lamps installed at Eunhaengro and Omokdae

4. Pavilions and rest areas repaired

5.More street lamps installed to improve safety at night

6. New lamps installed along the Jeonjuchun River trail

 The walkable Hanok Village

I really liked that the cheongsachorong lamps at the entrance of the Hanok Village are now much brighter. They used to be a bit dimmer later in the night.

Also, at the peripheries of the Hanok Village, the beautiful new lighting is installed along the traditional Korean wall. This really enhances the night stroll mood, safety and comfort!

The quiet and elegant air surrounding Jeonju Hanok Village at night is quite different from the bustling daytime. I highly recommend staying “one more day” to fully enjoy what the Hanok Village has to offer!

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  • Bharatkumar

    I saw this kind of places in gwangju. And this is a beauty for korean traditinal place. I like this.

  • Gwen Qua

    Its really nice with the traditional lamp.

  • Jon

    Must visit place when traveling in Jeonju! These new improvements look nice!

  • Sara Rousalova

    This is a great idea! I hope it attracts more people in the evenings now 🙂

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Is very beautiful at night!