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Enjoy it along with the Jeonju International Film Festival! The Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market is a paradise of diverse foods.

Have you ever felt disappointed when you had to spend the evening in your accommodation after finishing a day’s itinerary during your trip?
This time, I’m introducing a place where you can visit the night market in the evening and enjoy a variety of delicious foods: the Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market.
Especially this week, the Jeonju International Film Festival is happening, so there are even more visitors in Jeonju.
The Jeonju International Film Festival ends today, but every Friday and Saturday, you can visit the Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market to wrap up your Jeonju trip.


“The paradise of various foods, Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market”

Jeonju Nambu Market is the largest traditional market in Jeonbuk State and has long been famous as a model market for Korea’s traditional market youth mall and night market.
Now, let’s explore the Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market, where you can taste a variety of foods.

‘Night Market Opening Hours’
Every Friday and Saturday
– Summer: 17:00 – 23:00
– Winter: 18:00 – 23:00

As you enter through the east gate of Jeonju Nambu Market, you’ll see the night market stalls and be greeted by the appetizing smells.

‘Parking Fees’
▶Nambu Market Parking Lot, Pungnammun Customer Parking Lot
→ First 5 minutes free
– 200 KRW per 10 minutes, up to 6,000 KRW
▶ Riverside Parking Lot, first 30 minutes free
– 200 KRW per 10 minutes, up to 5,000 KRW

The photo shows the entrance at the south gate. If you park at the riverside parking lot and climb the stairs, the south gate of the night market is right there, making it convenient to use the riverside parking lot.
As seen in the photo, the stalls are set up in a cross shape centered around the middle, and the location of the stalls changes once a month.
Let’s dive into the food offerings at the Nambu Market Night Market.


| Unique foods at Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market.

First, I saw people lined up at a stall called “Haenyeoga Kkochida.”

At the Haenyeoga Kkochida stall, they sell shrimp skewers with only shrimp, beef shrimp skewers with flank steak and shrimp, and octopus skewers.

What does it mean when people are lining up at a night market stall? Of course, it means the food is delicious!

This place with dumplings on the counter sells homemade grilled short rib patties and dumplings.

The meat dumplings, kimchi dumplings, shrimp dumplings, and grilled short rib patties all looked very tasty.

This dish called “Yachae Ddongddaeng” combines thinly sliced cabbage and perilla leaves for a fragrant touch, wrapped in thinly sliced pork belly, and coated with sauce.

The combination of pork belly and sauce was fantastic. The addition of a torch flame adds a smoky flavor, and it was nice to have the option of spicy or mild sauce to suit your taste.

here’s also a place selling various kinds of fried foods.

They have fried baby crabs, which are rich in chitosan. It feels like it could make your bones stronger.
The fried foods here, like squid, spicy pepper king seaweed rolls, and coconut shrimp, all looked delicious.

At the steak house, they sell pork shoulder cube steaks. I remember tasting their steak last year, and it was very tender and flavorful.

The restaurant featured on “1 Night 2 Days” sells not only fried chicken but also shrimp and crab varieties.

At the Jeonju Bibimbap Ball stall, they sell a fusion arancini combining arancini and Jeonju bibimbap.

You can also try grilled intestines, marinated short ribs, and marinated pork skin with a charcoal-grilled flavor at the Ajimson Grilled Intestines and Ribs stall.

The “Kkogie Kkochyeo” stall offers a Samgyeopsal set with kimchi, bean sprouts, and rice balls. You can choose from three flavors: salty, barbecue, or spicy, depending on your preference.


| International foods at Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market

There’s a place selling Vietnamese food, including Cha Gio, which are Vietnamese dumplings made of pork, shrimp, or crab mixed with vegetables and wrapped in rice paper, then fried.

They also sell spring rolls and beef pho.
There’s also a place selling Mexican food, like tacos. The Kings Taco sold here is more than twice the size of the tacos I’ve had at other Mexican food places.

Jeonju’s only Turkish dessert, called Kadayif, is also available. I’m curious about what it tastes like.


| Desserts at Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market.

The Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market offers not only main dishes to fill you up but also desserts.
You can try Senbei or Sweet Red Bean Buns to soothe your mouth after spicy food.

After enjoying various kinds of food at the night market, you can have desserts like Matcha Pudding, Black Sesame Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, or choose from a variety of sweet ice creams according to your taste.
I’ve posted about the food at Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market.
The Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market is very popular not only with tourists visiting Jeonju but also with the local residents.
I hope that with ongoing events and improved services, Jeonju Nambu Market Night Market will continue to be loved by more people.

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