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Cherry Blossom Trails Along the Rivers in Jeonju

The cherry blossom season is here! Jeonju has several great cherry blossom spots. Today, I’ll introduce the cherry blossom trails along the rivers in the city.

Chucheon Daegyo is the bridge that links Deokjindong and Palbokdong. Cherry blossom trees turn pink on the roads both sides of the river. Also, there’s a trail along the river. The combination of cool spring breeze and cherry blossoms must be very pleasant.

Samchun River Trail

The next trail is the 9km trail along Samchun River. Search ‘Yongheung Middle School’ or ‘Dombae Chobap’ on a navigation and you’ll find the trail easily. Along the river are cherry blossoms in full bloom and bright yellow forsythias. You can also cross the river on the steppingstones and spot the local fish and birds.

Haga Area Jeonjuchun River Trail

There’s a beautiful and picturesque cherry blossom trail along Jeonjuchun River starting in Jeonju Haga Area. There’re cherry blossoms and also other trees and wildflowers blooming during springtime.

The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming! But make sure to wear mask and keep distance while enjoying the beautiful spring!

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  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Cherry Blossom season is the best season in Korea, just little sad that the time is very short, however is nice to enjoy the view.

  • Clarissa Ramgattie

    I remember visiting Jeonju in the autumn time last year and it was so warm compared to Seoul. The fresh air and warm weather made walking through the town and along the waterway so lovely. This post really showed me that Jeonju during Spring time is just as beautiful and it gives you some time to relax and refresh your mood amongst the cherry blossoms.

  • Rachid

    no more cold winter, snow and ice. Let’s salute the arrival of spring, the gentle rays of the sun, the new little flowers and the happy song of the birds!
    Spring marks the rebirth of nature, but it is also an opportunity to make big changes in our lives!
    I hope spring has sprung for you, wherever you may be. If it hasn’t yet, I hope it does soon. 🌠

  • Abbey Fox

    Thanks for a list of great cherry blossom spots!

  • Jared Sandler

    Indeed, the riverside trails in Jeonju City are full of blooming flower trees (including cherry blossoms). In particular, the mystique of the Samchun River Trail is intriguing.