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Chapssaltteok (Glutenous Rice Cake) Cafés in Jeonju: Hongsigoong, Aedam, Sobudang

Although chapssaltteok (glutinous rice cake) used to be a traditional dessert, its modernized varieties have become more popular in Korea these days. Today, I’ll introduce three cafés selling such special chapssaltteok varieties.

Hongsigoong: hongsi (ripe persimmon) chapssaltteok

Today’s first destination is Hongsigoong, famous for hongsi (ripe persimmon) chapssaltteok. The café first opened in the Inhoodong District in 2017, but moved to the Gaekridangil District in 2019.

The interior of Hongsigoong is bright and the distance between tables is wide enough.

The small garden outside the café seems like a good photo spot under the hongsi shaped neon light.

On the menu are different hongsi-based desserts, such as hongsi ice cream waffle, hongsi jam toast, and hongsi cream tart. The most popular one is hongsi chapssaltteok, which can be ordered for nationwide delivery too.

The hongsi chapssaltteok is very different from the usual chapssaltteok. It looked like the glutinous rice cake version of a ripe persimmon.

Also, when I took a bite, the harmony of the cold ice hongsi, the soft adzuki bean paste, and the chewy glutinous rice cake seemed perfect.

The ripe persimmons are usually only available in autumn. However, at Hongsigoong, delicious ripe persimmon beverages and desserts are available all year round.

Address: Jeonjugaeksa 1gil 94, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 12:00 ~ 22:30 everyday

Today’s second destination is located in Jeonju Hanok Village.

Aedam Chapssaltteok: fruit chapssaltteok

Aedam Chapssaltteok is renowned among the tourists for the fruits chapssaltteok.

The glutinous rice and the adzuki bean paste used here are 100% Korean grown. The strawberry chapssaltteok and orange chapssaltteok are particularly popular. There are also several homemade teas on the menu.

The chandelier seems to match well with the hanok building.

Thanks to the warm weather, the outside table seats were full. Some ordered the chapssaltteok to eat while walking on the street. Others were enjoying it with the tea.

Different fruits chapssaltteok were cut in different shapes. I recommend halving the chapssaltteok before eating, rather than eating the whole thing at once.

The orange chapssaltteok is made with orange, honey, and adzuki bean.

The strawberry chapssaltteok is made with the local strawberry, honey, and adzuki bean. This chapssaltteok was much sweeter than the orange one.
Making fruit chapssaltteok at home has been popular during the social distancing period. If you want to try some quality fruit chapssaltteok, I recommend Aedam Chapssaltteok at Jeonju Hanok Village.

Aedam Chapssaltteok
Address: Eunhaengro 51-1, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 09:00 ~ 22:00 every day

Sobudang: cocoa cream cheese chapssaltteok

Today’s last destination is Sobudang, located across the Hanok Village public parking. The café is famous for cocoa cream cheese chapssaltteok.

This is the interior of Sobudang. Also on display were injolmi tteok (glutinous rice cake coated with bean flour), heukimja tteok (glutinous rice cake coated with black sesame powder), injolmi cream bread, and more.

Sobudang means ‘made with care for your significant other’. This place has already been introduced in different media. Sobudang uses the best quality glutinous rice. The café has been invited to sell in various pop-up stores in the department stores around Korea.
The famous cocoa cream cheese chapssaltteok is sold as a box containing twelve rice cakes. The rice cake is stored in a fridge, so let the rice cake sit for one hour in the room temperature before eating. If you want to eat the rice cake on the venue, I recommend calling the café an hour before visiting.

Because of the cocoa powder, the rice cake somehow seems like a piece of tiramisu.

The seemingly odd combination of cocoa powder, cream cheese, and glutinous rice was surprisingly good. When the cream cheese melts softly in the mouth, the flavor of the cocoa powder kicks in. Then the chewy texture of glutinous rice cake moderates the palate. If you want to taste the future of Korean traditional desserts, visit Sobudang.

Address: Girindaero 130, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00 every day
The modern chapssaltteok verities have been popular among both young and old generations. I recommend visiting these cafés in Jeonju for the modernizing traditional Korean dessert experience.

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  • Nana

    I love hanok cafés! All desserts look so delicious 🥰 thanks for sharing!

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Cafes in Korea are always very nice places to spend time. I like them.

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    看上去好好吃 It looks really delicious and beautiful진짜 맛있게 보여요

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    Fruits and sticky rice is perfect collaboration. adding icecream for sure 🙂

  • Jared Sandler

    Out of the three Chapssaltteok cafes recommended in this blog, the cocoa cream cheese option in Sobudang looks the most delicious. Great tip to call Sobudang an hour or so before visiting the cafe if you want to enjoy its cocoa cream cheese Chapssaltteok inside the cafe, as this type of rice cake needs to sit in room temperature for a few minutes before eating. I wouldn’t have known to do that; it’s an insightful point and very practical on a visit to Sobudang. The injolmi option is also appealing!

  • Joy Wang

    I have been to Jeonju twice and while the food I had there was delicious, i am seriously questioning myself as to why i havent found these cafes earlier!!!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RICECAKES AND PERSIMMONS!!! Guess I have got to return to Jeonju once more to have a bite of these delicious-looking desserts~

  • Adil Hasan

    Hello Dear ❣️ Jeonju All about Korea
    GLUTENOUS RICE CAKE This is my food of choice and I love it so much that I can fill my stomach with GLUTENOUS RICE CAKE. My mother also loves it. tastes delicious and with my mother after this epidemic. I will visit Jeonju as soon as possible and I will enjoy my favorite cake filled with pineapple