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Around the Town on the Jeonju Tourist Taxi

The Korean winter is dry and cold, but it has its own romantic charms. Don’t you want to head off to somewhere else before the winter ends? If so, let’s visit Jeonju’s famous spots on the Jeonju Tourist Taxi! It’s a very convenient way for getting around the town.

The launching of the Jeonju Tourist Taxi service

The Jeonju Tourist Taxi has been on service since last September. Many cities overseas have been running tourist taxi services. The city of Jeonju has recruited a number of talented the local taxi drivers as ‘human GPS navigation’ and knowledgeable guide to the town.

Even if you don’t have any idea about where to visit in Jeonju, don’t worry! The Jeonju Tourist Taxi has designated tour program ranging from 50,000 won for three hours to 80,000 won for five hours. 20,000 won is charged per extra hour and parking fee, entrance fee, and other costs aren’t included. There also is a ‘free course’ program whereby up to four participants can travel around freely on the taxi. This service is great for family and friends.


Three hours of free course program on the Jeonju Tourist Taxi

I tried three hours of ‘free course’ program. My itinerary starts from the Jeonju Train Station to Jeonju Hanok Rail Bike, Ajung Lake, Jeonju Film Studio Complex, and finally, Hanji Museum. I feel very comfortable in the taxi, not having to worry about getting lost but enjoying the driver’s stories on Jeonju.

Jeonju Hanok Rail Bike is only five minutes away from the station. The old Ajung Train Station has been renovated into the rail bike zone. The waiting room has been transformed into a beautifully decorated café, and there are nice photo spots. Even the weather calls for selfie time. It’s only today’s models (that’s us) that aren’t ready.

Then, we headed to Ajung Lake. The lake in the middle of the afternoon wasn’t crowded, but the atmosphere was jolly enough for us.

After Ajung Lake, we arrived at the Jeonju Film Studio Complex. There is an exhibition of properties, costumes, scripts, and the like from the many movies that were shot in this studio. We heard that the shooting of a movie starting Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun is currently underway. However, the studio was restricted to outsiders. So we took a photo with the movie’s catering service car!

Our last destination was Jeonju Hanji Museum. This museum is run by a company named Jeonju Paper. The company shares its profit with the locals and tourists through investing in this museum.

We were very keen on experiencing the Hanji paper making at the museum. It’s been said that the original process of hanji-making requires more than a hundred steps of work.


This spring, I recommend visiting Jeonju with your loved ones!

The three hours passed quickly, although we’ve been to only four spots on the taxi. On our way from Anjung Lake to the Film Studio, the driver let us visit an antique shop and old forge at the Yongmeori Gogae district. The flat stones used for floor heating in old Hanok houses were piled in front of the shop.

The success of a travel depends on who you’re travelling with. Our taxi driver was very friendly and knowledgeable about the town. Also, the limousine taxi was wide and cosy enough. The seat even had automatic massage. However, above all, I had a good company of my friend.

The winter will go and spring will come. If you have already walked around the Hanok Village, why don’t you take the Jeonju Tourist Taxi and travel around the city? It’s definitely worth the time and money!


The Jeonju Tourist Taxi service runs year-round.

Reservation: 063) 274-5957 (this taxi only accepts reservation)


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