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2024 Jeonju Dano: Packed with attractions, fun, and food!

Dano, a traditional ceremony praying for the citizens’ well-being and a prosperous year!
I quickly visited the event held at Deokjin Park from June 8 (Sat) to June 10 (Mon), 2024, for three days.


“2024 Jeonju Dano, filled with sights to see, things to do, and food to eat in Jeonju!”

Despite the intense heat these days, many people gathered to enjoy the 2024 Jeonju Dano Festival.

Dano is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, which marks the start of the summer heat. The whole neighborhood came together to share rice cakes, wash their hair in iris water, wrestle, and enjoy the day together.

This fun day is held to organize a feast, wishing for peace and a prosperous year, as mentioned above!

This year, a variety of programs are available for all the citizens who come to enjoy this joyful day!

Shall we take a look around?

Washing hair in iris water, a tradition unique to Dano!
The iris water tunnel event filled Deokjin Park with the laughter of many children.

Also, you could participate in a variety of traditional games such as Dano seasonal customs, tuho, jegichagi, and the less common ssangryuk and gonu.

When you think of Jeonju, the city is synonymous with great tastes!
There were booths where talented mothers sold their homemade foods. The prices were reasonable, and many people were enjoying their purchases.

I tasted ‘Jelly Tteok’ and ‘Dried Persimmon Yanggaeng’ from Hyangdamsiru and Bountiful Pastry, winners of the ‘Jeonju Bite Contest’ aimed at discovering Jeonju’s signature desserts!
I immediately identified these as representative desserts of Jeonju!

Various locations in Deokjin Park hosted traditional changgeuk, Joseon pop, and street art performances, which were enjoyed by attendees of all ages at the 2024 Jeonju Dano Festival!

The highlight was the seasonal customs experience.
The activities included making Dano fans, iris soap, traditional patterns, and Jangmyeongru bracelets.
The children looked adorable as they focused on their crafts.

Wrestling, an essential part of Dano, kicked off with children’s wrestling (elementary division) on the first day and adult wrestling on the second day.
Who will be this year’s wrestling champion?

Free Hanbok rentals were provided, and they even printed photos for those who uploaded them to social media—a must for preserving memories!

After touring the booths around Deokjin Park, I ended up with a full stamp card!
Collecting all five stamps earned you a mini Taegeuk fan, essential for the hot summer.

At 5 PM, as the hot sun set and the cool evening began, the East Asian night market opened.
The delicious smells made me suddenly hungry.

I couldn’t resist the delicious takoyaki!
This festival was eco-friendly, with all food trucks offering affordable prices, using reusable containers, and reducing the use of single-use items.

After enjoying my meal, I simply returned the reusable dishes.
It feels like we’re one step closer to a disposable-free Jeonbuk.

The 2024 Jeonju Dano Festival was packed with sights to see, activities to enjoy, and plenty of food to eat!
I had a wonderful and fun day this happy June.
The 2024 Jeonju Dano at Deokjin Park runs only until today, so make sure to fully enjoy one of our country’s top five holidays!



📍 Deokjin Park 390 Gwonsamdeuk-ro, Deokjin-dong 1(il)-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

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