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Jeonju is the most Korean city! Welcome to Jeonju-City Blog. This blog is trying to convey various information about Jeonju in English to foreigners. Which posts on this blog are you interested in? Please leave your comments in English on the blog posts published from November to December 2021. Various gifts are prepared for the foreigners who participated in the event. Go for it now!


November 5th(Fri) ~ December 12th(Sun)


Visit the blog of Jeonju city(https://jeonjucity.kr/) and post comments on interesting posts posted from November to December 2021.

*There is no difference between the number of comments per person and the possibility of winning.

*Winners are selected randomly.

🔶Winner Announcement

December 14th(Tue)


Amazon gift card $80(1), Amazon gift card $10(20)

*Amazon gift card winner must pay 22% of the product tax.

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  • Jared Sandler

    So much appreciated to the ‘FEEL KOREA IN JEONJU’ blog administrators for continuing to offer attractive prizes to foreigners. These type of events encourage active participation from foreigners to promote interesting areas and events of Jeonju City.

  • mahesh jain

    wonderful…. excited to get best out of JEONJU again … and would love to make comments https://media1.giphy.com/media/3ov9jY5cK6m2a3Jrr2/giphy.gif

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    Thank you for your beautiful and informative English Blog on Jeonju City. Your Blog is really helpful to know UNESCO City of Gastronomy,Jeonju(wh-
    ich is also known as ‘Taste City ‘).

  • unggulcenter

    Jeonju city blog is amazingly very infomative. I read before I come to Korea. To bad it is now pandemic, and I missed some festival such as Beer Festival. I hope the pandemic will be over soon!