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“Discover the Grandeur of Jeollanam-do, Jeollabuk-do, and Jeju: The Spectacular ‘Jeolla Commissioner Welcoming Ceremony’ Awaits!” 🌌✨

Step into a tapestry of rich history and vibrant tradition! Remember the enchanting ‘Jeolla Commissioner’s Feast: Welcoming Ceremony’ that swept us off our feet last June in the Hanok Village? After a brief summer interlude, it’s back this September, and I had the privilege of witnessing its magic first-hand!

Kicking off in June, taking a graceful pause for July and August’s heatwave, the ‘Welcoming Ceremony’ has made its grand re-entry! Mark your calendars 📅 – from September 2nd, every Saturday and Sunday till November, at a perfect 2 PM. And the stage? The historic Gyeonggijeon Shrine and the majestic Jeolla Commissioner’s Office nestled in the heart of Jeonju Hanok Village.

“Cue the Melodious Traditional Beats 🎶: Behold the Jeolla Commissioner’s Majestic Daechwita Procession!”

This mesmerizing event unfolds in two epic acts: ‘Journey to Millennium Jeonju’ and the ‘Entrance to Jeolla Commissioner’s Office’. As the clock strikes 2 PM, the ‘Journey to Millennium Jeonju’ springs to life. It’s a visual feast as the Daechwita procession meanders from Gyeonggijeon, breezes through Paldal-ro, and majestically parades to the Jeolla Commissioner’s Office.

Picture this: Newly anointed village leaders from the three storied provinces – Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do, and Jeju – and their vibrant entourage embark on a monumental journey from Hanyang to their hometowns.

As the dignitaries arrive at the Gyeonggijeon Shrine in Jeonju Hanok Village, the local villagers burst into a heartwarming welcome, followed by a grand Daechwita procession to the Jeolla Commissioner’s Office, replete with traditional music and escorted by the Daechwita and the guards.

Witnessing the Daechwita procession crossing the Gyeonggijeon and Jeondong Cathedral is not an everyday sight, folks! Trust me, you don’t want to miss this unique spectacle. The opportunity to see the historic characters, their costumes – from the loyal guards, horse-mounted soldiers, middlemen, to martial artists – made the journey seem incredibly short and endlessly fascinating!

“Dreaming of Being the Star of the Welcoming Ceremony? Here’s Your Chance!” 🌟

You won’t believe it, but the ‘Welcoming Ceremony’ offers locals a chance to actively participate as the Village Leaders! Isn’t the idea of being the star of such a special event exhilarating?

Those who seize this opportunity don lavish traditional outfits, receive warm welcomes from villagers and tourists alike, and experience the event from a completely fresh perspective. Registration is just a click away at the Traditional Culture Village’s website!


▼ Traditional Culture Village Website ▼

(사)전통문화마을 (tcvillage.kr)


It was absolutely delightful to see so many locals follow the Daechwita procession, listening to the melodic tunes, and walking for about 20 minutes to reach the Jeolla Commissioner’s Office.

The arrival of the new village leaders was met with a grand reception and began with the powerful beats of traditional drums.🥁

Inside, it wasn’t just a quick show and go. The courtyard of the Jeolla Commissioner’s Office was brimming with entertainment, various performances, and echoing traditional music, a treat for both eyes and ears!

“The Village Leader, Jeolla Commissioner, and the Welcoming Ceremony!”

Upon arrival at the Jeolla Commissioner’s Office, the Village Leaders present official appointment documents to the Jeolla Commissioner. This significant event is known as the ‘Welcoming Ceremony’.

Village Leaders announce their names and designated positions, and in return, the Jeolla Commissioner responds to each one. Witnessing this, I felt transported back to the Joseon Dynasty, utterly engrossed in the authenticity.

To congratulate the newly appointed Village Leaders, the Jeolla Commissioner hosted a celebratory performance. A light drizzle added dramatic flair, making the celebration even more mesmerizing!

The celebration unveiled traditional pansori performances and martial arts displays with swords. Reveling in pansori in Jeonju, the city of sounds, paired with diverse martial arts in one place? Truly a matchless experience.
This, my friends, is the essence of the ‘Jeolla Commissioner’s Feast: Welcoming Ceremony’!

As the celebratory performances drew to a close, the robust sounds of the Daechwita’s traditional music marked the conclusion of the grand Welcoming Ceremony. Trust me, it was an unforgettable procession that held my attention till the very end.

For an exquisite trip down memory lane, there was a special photo session with the Jeolla Commissioner, Village Leaders, martial artists, and the escorting guards. A perfect memento to cherish this delightful moment! 📸❤️

During this one-hour program, every second was jam-packed with joy and wonder. With events scheduled every Saturday at 2 pm until November, I strongly recommend you visit Jeonju Hanok Village and soak in the charming ambiance. Don’t miss out on this remarkable experience amidst the refreshing autumn breeze! 🍂

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