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Travel Smart with Jeonbuk Tour Pass


Have you heard of “Jeonbuk Tour Pass”? It’s the convenient all-access ticket to many attractions in Jeonju and Jeonbuk province. If you’re driving on your own, I recommend buying the one-day or three-day pass to discover the hidden gems in the vicinity of Jeonju!

Today, among different Jeonbuk Tour Passes, I’ll introduce how to travel smart with “Jeonju Hanok Village Tour Pass”. I downloaded the “Jeonbuk Tour Pass” mobile application, bought the pass on the application, and entered the attractions by showing the barcode on the app.


How to buy Jeonbuk Tour Pass

You may buy Jeonbuk Tour Pass both online and offline. For online purchase, visit the website (http://www.jbtourpass.kr/), which is in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. You may also download the Jeonbuk Tour Pass application to buy the pass with the entry barcode.

You may also buy the ticket offline in one of the following places: the Hanok Village Tourist Information Center, Jeonju Train Station Gallery, Jeonju Train Station Tourist Information Center, Jeonbuk 100 Tourist Souveniers (in Jeonju Hanok Village), Omokdae Tourist Information Center, Luielle Hat Culture Center, Express Bus Terminal Tourist Information Center, and Gyeonggijeon Tourist Information Center.


Gyeonggijeon is home to the royal portrait of Taejo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). Both the portrait and the area are official national treasures. Above all, Gyeonggijeon has many hidden spots where people in hanbok (Korean traditional costume) love to take instagrammable photos.

It’s written on the ticket office that “free pass for those holding Jeonbuk Tour Pass”. If you have the mobile pass, you only need to show the barcode!

It was a bit chilly but bright day. Many people were visiting Gyeonggijeon in colorful hanbok costumes, walking amongst the centuries old buildings and pine trees.

Luielle Hat Culture Center

Luielle Hat Culture Center is a museum that specializes in hat. You’ll come across the hats from all over the world and all over history. The museum is also free access for those holding Jeonbuk Tour Pass. It’s a small but solid museum with many interesting things to see and experience. Inside, you can take amazing photos in different hats.

This is the interior of the Luielle Hat Culture Center. I learned a lot about hats from all over the world.

This is the photo spot where I can take photos while wearing different kinds of exotic and interesting hats. Taking photos inside the frame made me feel as if I’ve ordered my own masterpiece portrait.

Apart from taking photos, you can also make your own hat (you’ll have to visit in a group and book the experience in advance). You may also visit the next door “Memory Museum”, filled with the things that remind the Korean adults of their long-gone childhood. The Memory Museum is also free access for the pass holders.


Jeonju Art Museum


The third destination is Jeonju Art Museum, which is a private art gallery. The museum is located on the underground floor of Hotel Le Win.

The museum also offers free access for Jeonbuk Tour Pass holders. The exhibition represented a good combination of traditional and modern things. Before visiting, you might want to check which exhibition is on at the website (http://www.jeonjumuseum.com/).

The museum was quiet but has certain elegant atmosphere.

It was really convenient that I didn’t have to worry about where to go. With Jeonbuk Tour Pass, I could include in my route all the must-visit spots for a day.

In my opinion, in Jeonju Hanok Village, with the pass, it’s most efficient to visit one attraction in the morning and visit three more in the afternoon. This plan leaves some time between attractions to try the famous street foods of the Hanok Village.

I wish this was helpful. Keep in mind that with Jeonbuk Tour Pass, you can also visit other incredible attractions outside Jeonju!

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  • Joshua Garcia

    If you have this kind of pass you may be able to save some money while visiting these nice places, great

  • Hyesun Kim

    The location of Jeonju Art Museum is not Hotel Le Win now. Did you go there in 2017 and post a review now??!! The art museum had moved and now it is near the Wansan Police Station.
    I corrected it because your false information would make visitors wander.

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Thank you for the info!

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Definitely will purchase the pass for my trip in Jeonju!

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Definitely will recommend this pass to my friends and family too

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    It’s best to saving some travel budget

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    I didn’t know this kind of pass existed. I’ll check it out next time to save.