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All About the Nambu Night Market in 2018

Every Friday and Saturday evening, Jeonju Nambu Market transforms into a vibrant night market full of exotic food stands.

Almost a century old, Jeonju Nambu Market is only a street away from the famous Jeonju Hanok Village. Jeonju has been the commercial center of the Southwestern part of Korea for centuries. The products from the nearby mountains, forests, rice fields, rivers and sea still gather in Jeonju Nambu Market.

Although Jeonju Nambu Market is more of a traditional market, in weekends, it transforms into a vibrant cultural and tourist center of the city. Both young and old travellers and locals flood the streets of the market. This week, I’ll introduce the Nambu Night Market.

Night Market Open Hours: Every Friday and Saturday 19:00-24:00 (Summer season) or 18:00-23:00 (Winter season)

Caution: walk on the right side since the streets are busy; make sure to recycle your garbage; bicycles and motorbikes cannot enter the market during the Night Market


Venues for meals

Chonggaknae Sushi

A dish of torched beef sushi is 5,000 won (6 pieces).

Yangganae Nokdujeon

A warm nokdujeon (mung bean pancake) is 4,000 won.

Ajimson Bulgopchang and Galbi

A dish of spicy pan-fried pig skin and intestine is 4,000 won (skin only) and 6,000 won (both).

Hanok Bibimbap Gui

Metal frame roasted bibimbap is 3,000 won (2 pieces).

Daknalgae Bokumbap

Taiwanese-style chicken wing fried rice is 4,000 won.

Smaile Thailand

Kuay Tiao (fried rice noodle) 3,000 won; Pad Thai 5,000 won

Lang Sikdang

Crispy fried chicken with sweet and sour soy sauce: 5,000 won a dish

Yachae Tungtaeng

Pan-fried bacon-vegetable roll: 3,500 won (1 piece) and 6,000 won (2 pieces)

Daepae Saewoo

Pan-fried shrimp rolled in pork slices.

Jeonseolui Daktongjip

Chewy and spicy chicken gizzard: 5,000 won a dish


Venues for nibbles

Wonjo Mayak Yukjeon

The popular yukjeon (beef pancake): 5,000 won

Bultaneun Nakjihorong

Grilled spicy nakji horong (small octopus skewer): 3,000 won

Woorinae Eojeon

Eojeon (fish pancake) 5,000 won; top shell skewer 4,000 won


Pan-fried chicken skewer 3,000 won; homemade Viennese sausage and rice cake skewer 3,000 won; samgyeopsal (pork belly) skewer 3,000 won

Pungnam moon Hotteok

Hotteok (pancake stuffed with sugar) with 8 different nuts: 1,500 won (1 piece)

Oreo Churros

Oreo churros 3,000 won

Guwoe Muknun Cheese Kochi

Pan-grilled cheese skewer: 3,000 won


Chibikoyaki (metal frame grilled fat Japanese pancake): 3,500 won each; 10,000 won for a set of three (shrimp, octopus and bacon)

Honmani Wang Takoyaki

Takoyaki (Japanese metal frame roasted ball-shaped pancake with a piece of octopus inside): 4,000 won (7 pieces)

Gutbasokchok Menbosha

Menbosha (Chinese deep fried shrimp sandwich)


Venues for desserts

Purutpurut Sujaejam

Watermelon juice: 3,000 won; strawberry juice: 3,500 won

Chueokui Yetnal Patbingsu

Patbingsu (sweetened red bean over shaved ice): 3,000 won

Taeyangyinae Jeongu-aid

Sweet aid-drinks in a lightbulb: 5,000 won


Icecream made with liquor (or without): 4,000 won

Saekomdalkom Hanson Tanghuru

Chinese sweet fruit skewer: 3,500 won

Tumyung Coca Cola

Transparent coke and gem jelly



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