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Globetrotters put Jeonju in their bucket list!

One of the most prominent men’s magazines in the world has put the foodie trip to Jeonju in the before-you-die travel bucket list.

Lonely Planet, the biggest travel magazine in the world, ranked Jeonju #3 among the “2016 Best Destinations in Asia”. Since then, many media companies around the world have been highlighting Jeonju as a must-visit city.

A prominent men’s magazine boasting almost a million circulation, Esquire (Middle East edition) included Jeonju foodie trip in “Travel Bucket List Ideas: 100 things to do before you die”, along with sailing in Galapagos, bungee jumping in New Zealand, helicopter skiing in Swiss Alps, American scenic road trip, sand surfing in the Sahara Desert, and the like.

Esquire introduced Jeonju as being “far away from the bustle and hustle of Seoul”, a “small mix of 800 traditional low-rise buildings, restaurants and small guesthouses”. However, above all, Jeonju is home to “bibimbap”, the world-famous mixed rice dish. The city also hosts popular and authentic food tours.

The travel bucket list is based on the recommendations by the editors at the Esquire magazine and the followers of the company’s social media. Jeonju is the only city in South Korea that made into the list.

Also, German medias such as Nordwest Zeitung, Westfalenpost, and Oberhessische Presse also ran stories on Jeonju.

They remarked that “while the first impression of South Korea may be the high-rise buildings and endless array of apartments, Jeonju is very different”. In particular, “walking Jeonju Hanok (Korean traditional building) Village in Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) is like walking into the rich history of Korea. But when the K-Pop music flows into the street, you may realize that you are enjoying the best of both past and present cultures of Korea”.

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  • John John

    Definitely agree that Jeonju would be a great getaway from the bustling city life!

  • Aysha

    Going to Jeonju is definitely in my bucket list! I’ll make sure to visit it before the end of this year 😀

  • Joshua Garcia

    This looks so nice, wish I could go to jeonju just to have some food lol

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Yep! I also put Jeonju in my Bucket list!!!! 😀

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    I want to taste the famous Jeonju bibimbap~~

  • Cayly Warner

    I’m not suprised its on the travel list of many foreigners. I have been to Jeonju twice, and every time I love it even more! Its a wonderful place to learn about Korean culture.

  • Shana Trương

    It’s always a different trip when going to Jeonju! I would like to go back and do the things I didn’t get to do, and of course repeat some of the same things that I did do.