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Chutmajung-gil Transforms into the Street of Light

To farewell 2018 and welcome 2019, Chutmajung-gil is transformed into the street of light. Chutmajung-gil is a 420 meters long pedestrian street that stretches from the Jeonju Train Station towards the downtown.

Tunnel of light

A variety of illuminations are lighting Chutmajung-gil. On the photo you can see the tunnel of light, subtly glittering. Many people were already taking photos here.

I tried to find my zodiac sign lighting. There are also shining trees, glittering teddy bear, and other instagrammable photo spots.

The trees are donned with colorful lights.

Some of you might be worried about the negative influence of the lightings on the plants. But the lightings are carefully calibrated to avoid direct contact with the trees.


All the trees on Chutmajung-gil are wearing different ‘sweaters’. It turns out that around 50 volunteers knitted the winter sweaters for the trees. Even I felt very warm although it was the trees that were wearing the sweaters.

Teddy bear and the red container box

The glittering teddy bear and the red container box are probably the best photo zones in Chutmajung-gil. Don’t forget to take photos with them!

You may climb up the red container box and overlook the colorful and shining Chutmajung-gil.

At the end of the street of light are cute shining rabbits. It took me about 25 minutes to walk from the station to the rabbits.

The city of Jeonju is oriented towards shaping the cityscape pedestrian-friendlier, more ecological (less concrete), and more curvy (less linear). Chutmajung-gil, open for all pedestrians, was installed for this purpose. This winter, I recommend walking the street of light in Chutmajung-gil with your favorite people!

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  • I remember coming out of the train station one night and being completely blown away by this awesome display.

  • The tree scarves are a cute touch

  • Adila Ayub

    What’s amazing view in the night!

  • Personally I love that trees in the cities are well maintained, decorations make you feel nice when walking around parks and streets. 🙂

  • Elysia Toh

    I wonder – are these permanent fixtures within the city? Because if they are, they’re going to be so amazing when I go there in spring!!!

  • Ada Choy

    Jeonju has such beautiful walking areas already, how did I not know about this one? 🙂 Very excited to walk through here with friends!

  • Honie Phan

    How thoughtful the goverment in Jeonju is! They make the city more attractive with lights but dont forget to protect the trees from these lights. Highly appreciate!

  • lesley g

    Looks like a good place to go for a stroll at night!

  • Bronwyn Pretorius

    Gosh, that looks magical. I hope this is all year round? Would love to experience it!

  • IamNaZza

    The winter sweaters for the trees is really great idea! It makes the place look more cozy and cute.

  • Iris Jang

    TREE SCARVES! What a cute idea~

  • Melissa

    Wow! Perfect place for a date ~^^

  • Melissa

    Winter is one of the prettiest seasons and romantic too!

  • Dimas Yunianto Putro

    Romantic place when you visit here with your lovely one <3
    Let's visit Jeonju in 2019 guys!!!

  • Kristy

    Looks like a romantic getaway. Never heard of this city before. Glad to see some nice pictures, looks fun

  • James

    Looks very nice, it is reminiscent of light displays in Seoul and Gwangju

  • Kittipot Imjard

    so beautiful

  • Joshua Garcia

    Lights at night are really beautiful in jeonju, Not only here, but going to the traditional Korean village and see all the life and things going on at the same time is a unique experience. Expats should at least try this once with their friend or family

  • Victoria T

    Omg tree sweaters that’s adorable. I really like that the city is gearing towards a more pedestrian-friendly landscape

  • Aysha

    I love the idea of making sweaters for the trees. It looks so adorable! I wish I could’ve visited Jeonju in January/February.

  • Joshua Garcia

    Wish I could go there soon

  • Pervesh Maheshwari

    would love to roam and take photos… Added to destination list

  • Daria Yu

    Please someone take me there next year🙈

  • Gianna Catolico

    Jeonju is indeed a city of sweet and thrilling escapades! I visited the Hanok Village twice and I never get tired of exploring it. The streetfood is mouth-watering!

  • Did not expexted that there is such a good place for night time in Jeonju!! Does it open everyday or there is only for certain period??

  • Joshua Garcia

    Lights and sounds, only in jeonju!

  • This places definitely will be more crowded along with the weather~ A good spot for dating and tourists to hang out at night!

  • Egenia H

    I’ll definitely take my boyfriend there!!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Shana Trương

    I really like looking at night sceneries, especially with lights, so I would like to check this out as well.

  • Samki Y

    This reminds me of the lantern festival in Seoul. The lights look lovely at night.

  • Silvia

    This looks so lovely! Wish I could have known back in February about it.

  • Qasim Sultan

    Beautiful……It is worth visiting during my stay in Korea

  • Qasim Sultan

    Is there any tourist group focusing on Jeonju area?

  • Joshua Garcia

    The night view is one the best parts of jeonju, you can be there in the morning and at night it becomes a totally different place

  • Veronica H. Padron

    Nice location. Looks really romantic for a walk at night. I’m sure you can enjoy your time walking and talking with someone special

  • Charles Churro Yoo

    Woah. So beautiful. Thanks for this. Next stop on my Korea tour.

  • Joshua Garcia

    This reminds me of jumanji

  • Joshua Garcia

    would love to be there and see those pretty light by myself

  • Loveday Farmer

    wow! seems like its also worth visiting jeonju in the winter

  • The decorations on the trees are so cute with the clothes on it!!! What about spring or summer??

  • It is also good for a short walk after heavy dinner at night!!

  • Grace S

    Omg I love seeing lights that light up the night like this <3

  • I ever took photo under the light tunnel and the photo looks great!!

  • Walking along the street should be feeling great especially with someone you love walking along~

  • bora 🍓

    The lights look so exceptional, and would be very loved by the locals and visiting tourists during that time of the year! It also brings me back to my childhood, where my country also had something very similar displayed back then so seeing this was very comforting.

  • Joshua Garcia

    i really like how the city cares for their citizend and expats so they can have a nice walk at night with these lights

  • Joshua Garcia

    my mother would love to meet this place, too bad she is blind

  • Joshua Garcia

    my girlfriend would like to have a walk here, sadly she doesnt have legs!

  • Shielfa

    Celebrating new year eve in jeonju with modern touch of beautiful light at night would memorable

  • Joshua Garcia

    Light my “Seoul” dear jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    would like to go to a coffee shop to see the lights in that street

  • Joshua Garcia

    I wanna take pictures under the light tunnel and look great

  • Joshua Garcia

    street lights reminds me of lights on the streets

  • Joshua Garcia

    anywhere I go these lights will be in my heart

  • Joshua Garcia

    this reminds me of the movie “sixteen candless” where the protagonits walk the streets

  • Nao Z

    I’m always amazed at Korean people’s ability to turn normal streets into art scenery.

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    This place brings back so many child memories

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    What a great place to just have a walk with your family and friends

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    Extremely romantic place to have a night walk

  • Grace S

    I love that they’re also being protective of the trees~~

  • Grace S

    They really know how to make Jeonju such a worthy place to visit

  • Grace S

    I think both foreigners and Korean natives all love coming to Jeonju 🙂

  • Grace S

    Jeonju is way too overrated, everyone should have this place on their bucket list!!!

  • Grace S

    I would love to live here, it looks like so much fun~

  • Grace S

    They decorated the trees!! How cute!!!

  • Grace S

    Jeonju is way too underrated, everyone should have this place on their bucket list!!!

  • Christmas lights make everything so magical and photogenic. I hope that more cities would decorate more city streets with some uniquely lit designs. I liked the teddy bear and the tunnel, it’s so romantic.

  • Joshua Garcia

    nice lights and even better sounds

  • Joshua Garcia

    would like to see some street performers there

  • Joshua Garcia

    what a beautiful place to have a walk

  • Joshua Garcia

    wish my city jinju had the same events

  • Joshua Garcia

    im pretty sure that my family would love to visit this scenario

  • Joshua Garcia

    nobody can deny that jeonu city takes care of their people

  • Joshua Garcia

    wonder if you can have some soju there, would be the perfect place to have son fun with out friends

  • Joshua Garcia

    where can i find some information about those events in my city, my city doesnt have a page like this

  • Joshua Garcia

    i went to jeonju in 2003, still the same, perfect

  • Joshua Garcia

    I just got a new video camera, wanna take some shots there

  • Joshua Garcia

    wooow those lights are perfect

  • Joshua Garcia

    people like talking about the places they have been, I will speak about jeonju to my friends,

  • Joshua Garcia

    great to be able to live in this country and meet al these places

  • Joshua Garcia

    its official: jeonju is the best place ever

  • Joshua Garcia

    I love how this place changes so much with just some pretty lights.

  • Joshua Garcia

    I will ask for some money, to spend it in jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    food, alcohol and jeonju, THE BESTO!

  • Joshua Garcia

    Be ready for it, because jeonju is in da house

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    I wanna make notice that jeonju is pretty in every season

  • Joshua Garcia

    jeonju streets scores: 10/10

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    imagine having dinner with your friend there on the street, amazing

  • Joshua Garcia

    thats a good way for people not to get lost at night

  • Joshua Garcia

    what if we all go to have a walk at night now in jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    this is the best place to look for your keys if they get lost at night

  • Julien Tham

    Really brighten ups Korea’s harsh winters… the sweaters for the trees are particularly adorable

  • Joshua Garcia

    too bad winter is over but next time i will go there

  • Joshua Garcia

    i heard shawn mendez likes comming to jeonju to walk the streets and inspires in jeonju people to write his songs

  • Joshua Garcia

    great events in jeonju city

  • Joshua Garcia

    if our love is tragedy why is jeonju my remedy?

  • Thandar Aung

    in korea, almost all city decorated their city with light. but in jeonju more prettier than others cuz u can enjoy modern and ancient at the same time