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‘Cherry Blossom Drive’ Route in Jeonju


Flowers are blooming all over Jeonju as temperature has risen. Suddenly, spring is everywhere. Jeonju has several ‘cherry blossom drive’ routes such as those ones near the Jeonju Zoo and the Provincial Office. But, I visited more locally known one which is about ten kilometers long.

▲ Today’s ‘cherry blossom drive’ route


As soon as I passed the Chuchundaegyo Bridge (direction Jeonju), I took the riverside road (direction opposite of the Provincial Office).

The road narrowed soon. When the apartments disappeared from the sight, I was fascinated by the cherry blossom trees creating the tunnel of flowers from the both sides of the road.

There was occasional queue of cars driving by. You may park the car on the roadsides and walk. People were taking pictures with their families, friends, and significant others. Some even appeared to be professional photographers. But I had to be aware of the passing cars since it is a countryside  road.

After driving along the Jeonjuchun River for a while, I came across the wider Mangyunggang River. Pleasant cool breeze was blowing from the river. The tunnel of cherry blossoms didn’t seem to end.

I stopped the car and walked down to the riverbank. I wanted to take pictures with my child. The sprouting fresh greens and the pink of blossoms were telling me that spring is finally here.

Much of the cherry blossoms usually fall after the spring rain. I recommend going for a drive before the rainy days start!

The cherry blossoms still weren’t in full bloom. It would be awesome to drive through the rain of cherry blossom petals scattering in the wind.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy such a picturesque scenery. Must be better if the sky is blue and sun is shining.

In the coming weeks, I recommend a short drive around Jeonju to enjoy the cherry blossoms and spring breeze. It’s only this time of the year!

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  • cleeswanders

    I’m planning my cherry blossom trip and this info is helpful. I would consider putting this in my list. 🙂

  • I’ve found several great locations to view the cherry blossoms here!

  • Lannie Alava Yun

    Great driving route with such beautiful scenery!

  • The cherry blossoms in Jeonju are some of the best in Korea I hear!

  • lesley g

    Hope I can see them before they disappear!

  • Adila Ayub

    Spring is my favourite season. I wish I can spend my time during spring in Jeonju 🙂

  • Arielle Pukanecz

    One of my favorite spots to see the cherry blossoms!!!

  • Sara Rousalova

    These pictures are so breathtaking! I always wanted to visit Jeonju and I think now is the right time to truly enjoy the spring!

  • If you come during the Spring, you cannot miss places like this and enjoy such a beautiful event like cherry blossom season, weather is lovely and the environment feels so enchanted by the petals flying around when the wind blows, you will be in love with it instantly! If you like having a photoshoot day, I highly recommend you come very early and check some photos online to get some ideas of colors to wear that match the colors of the trees, Korean people are experts on this and maybe you want to get a very special photo set when visiting here! 🙂

  • Elysia Toh

    The cherry blossoms really make for a Korean-drama worthy spot, haha. I half expect a drama crew to show up and start filming some heartwarming scenes in this spot.

  • izmirK

    I sure will not miss this experience once the cherry blossoms start to bloom!

  • Ada Choy

    Ahhh so pretty! Wish I had a car so that a drive through here would be possible T___T

  • Pumpkin_Pie

    Wow, already looks nice!

  • Honie Phan

    wow, jeonju will definitely one of the best spots in Korea to have beautiful photos with cherry blossoms. I will pay a visit to this city next week <3

  • Bronwyn Pretorius

    So beautiful! Wish Cherry Blossom’s lasted longer ~~

  • Tho Tran

    wow, so beautiful. Surely I should pay a visit next week. Just wonder how long will cherry blossom last?

  • John christian

    I just love walking to the street of cherry blossoms in jeonju city while listening to bigbang’s Flower Road. It’s never cease to amaze me how wonderful the trees and sceneries in jeonju blends beautifully together.

  • Alaa Tarek

    I remember being there in Autumn and it was amazing, such a beautiful place!
    I have to visit it in spring also ^^

  • IamNaZza

    I want to visit Jeonju in Spring to enjoy watching Cherry Blossom. The tunnel of Cherry Blossom looks so beautiful.

  • Iris Jang

    Cherry blossoms are SO BEAUTIFUL. I’ve always seen them bloom through pictures, but this spring, I’ll finally see them in person! SO EXCITED!

  • KokPheng Yin

    Cherry blossoms are so nice, I will visit there!

  • Deisha Hamilton

    i’ve been to Jeonju before, it was beautiful even though it wasn’t cherry blossom season I will finitely go again .

  • Melissa

    Wow so gorgeous! I have to go this year to see the cherry blossoms 🙂 🌸

  • Melissa

    Korea has some of the most beautiful flowers of the season

    • Loveday Farmer

      alll the flowers in korea are the best!

  • Dimas Yunianto Putro

    Jeonju has the best scenery for spring in Korea… Let’s visit Jeonju in 2019 guys!!!

  • Kristy

    It’s just too far away from Seoul 😢 is there a faster way?

    • Dimas Yunianto Putro

      I think go here by express bus is the best option from central terminal

  • Kittipot Imjard

    I wanna go there 😮

  • Joshua Garcia

    The cherry blossom in Korea is a unique experience that works as a signal to the start of spring, Korea is a country know as the ‘4 seasons country’ and experiencing it in jeonju is one of the best ways to do it.

  • GameGambier 101

    I think you did well on taking the picture with the angles though I think one of the improvement that you could do is make sure the exposure is right and the camera is in focus as some of the picture are slightly a bit out of focus.

  • Dj Noona

    Wow! The scenery view is amazing!! Definitely, the cherry blossoms are so beautiful and delicate, if you come to Korea in Spring season, I promise you is going to be an unique experience! Specially if you visit to Jeonju, this view looks so wonderful!

  • Wow! The scenery view is amazing!! Definitely, the cherry blossoms are so beautiful and delicate, if you come to Korea in Spring season, I promise you is going to be an unique experience! Specially if you visit to Jeonju, this view looks so wonderful!

  • Victoria T

    THAT’S SO BEAUTIFUL omg the cherry blossoms are on another level.

  • Aysha

    I’m so happy that cherry blossom season is finally here! I’m from a tropical country so Korean winters are too much for me to handle, so the warmth of spring makes me really happy, especially if it comes with beautiful scenery such as this one. I would love to go see the cherry blossoms in Jeonju one day!

  • Melissa

    I don’t want the cherry blossoms to go away yet 🙁 They’re too beautiful!

  • Joshua Garcia

    really love jeonju

  • Marie Boes (Be Marie Korea)

    stunning. /:D

  • I and my wife have been here twice while we was studying there. This recalled me lots of our memories on Jeonju.

    • Loveday Farmer

      wow! did you both study in jeonju?

  • An Khanh Pham

    the pictures look so beautiful that it’s almost unreal. I’m so gonna go to check it out for myself!

  • Thandar Aung

    wow. so pretty cherry. i want to go and check how beautiful

  • T T

    awesome o_o

  • Joshua Garcia

    let´s go!

    • Joshua Garcia

      Sure, let´s go lol

  • Sugar Wong

    OMG~ that’s a good place to take beautiful photos!!

  • Didoyah

    Driving with the windows down so you can see the magnificent Cherry Blossom trees, and feel the Spring breeze~
    Simplest way to release stress.
    I’m coming~~~

  • Daria Yu

    Looks so beautiful… Seoul is too crowded to see cherry blossom. Jeonju seems to be a perfect place for it!

    • Loveday Farmer

      right… seoul has too many people.

  • Kamal Pandey

    awesome…loved it

    • Loveday Farmer

      did you go there??

  • Oh my god!!!
    The cherry blossom looks so beautiful!!!
    How much I wish I found this post earlier so I could make a trip to Jeonju! ㅠㅠ
    There isn’t any Cherry blossom trees in my country so every year I will try to make myself a trip to see Cherry Blossom in Korea, Jeonju will be my next spot!

  • Melissa

    It’s such a shame lots of the cherry blossoms have already disappeared 🙁 I wish spring lasted forever!

    • Loveday Farmer

      it was tooo short this year

  • meg123k

    So beautiful~

  • izmirK

    Beautiful! I hope the flowers are still blooming!

  • Esther

    Wow, the view looks magnificent!
    One suggestion, Jeonju city should provide a double deck bus tour for the cherry blossoms.
    Most foreigners do not have a car and that would attract more visits. 🙂

  • Regretting for not knowing this place earlier~~~~ the cherry blossom is over!!

  • Egenia H

    This looks so prettyyyyyy! Wish i knew soonerr

    • Loveday Farmer

      jeonju has the best cherry blossoms!!

  • Shana Trương

    Doesn’t look busy with people as the cherry blossom in Seoul, which is nice and easy to take pictures haha.

  • Samki Y

    When is the cherry blossom season in Jeonju over?

  • Silvia

    That looks really beautiful! Jeonju really feels like depicted from a historical drama

  • 아미르

    Doesn’t look busy with people as the cherry blossom in Seoul, which is nice and easy to take pictures haha.

  • 아미르

    Doesn’t look busy with people as the cherry blossom in Seoul, which is nice and easy to take pictures haha.
    I love Jeonju.

  • 아미르

    wow. so pretty cherry. i want to go and check how beautiful.

  • Qasim Sultan

    Very beautiful. I hope I will visit soon

  • Joshua Garcia

    Sure there is nothing more beautiful than these places in the whole country

  • Joshua Garcia

    Jeonju, the place where modernity meets traditions

  • Veronica H. Padron

    I really like this idea, to show people secret jewels around Jeoju and Korea. I will love to visit this place in cherry blossom season!

  • Salma Hassanein

    So pretty😭 so sad I didn’t get the chance to visit it before cherry blossom season ended!

  • Mahesh Shinde

    Wow its look beautiful.I will visit there definitely.

  • Frans Prathama

    Wow,, it;s amazing,, Hopefully can come here soon. Spring is coming and See you soon, Jeonju ! 🙂

  • Charles Churro Yoo

    The cherry blossoms are so beautiful here in Korea. I’m from California and I’ve never seen them before.

  • Joshua Garcia

    Wish I could drive a car to go there every weekend

  • Joshua Garcia

    Wanna invite my friends there

  • Oh my! This looks beautiful. Wish I had seen this post before the cherry blossoms were gone 🙁 Maybe next year.

  • I saw many pretty photos and videos of this places from instagram!!!

  • Cherry blossom is a festive season that we shouldn’t missed if we staying in Korea!

  • Cherry blossom is sucha precious flowers that you have to keep waiting for it to bloom glamorously but it doesn’t last for 1 week~

    • Loveday Farmer

      yeah, it doesn’t last long enough!!

  • Loveday Farmer

    this must be the perfect place for a drive!!!

  • Quế Thanhh

    I will bring my parents there when they arrive in South Korea!

  • Starr Stultz

    I wish I had a car! However, late bloomers are in Paju-si now too! Now the other flowers blossoms are on the way!

  • Shielfa

    It’s clearly guide for foreigner who want to see cherry blossom in Jeonju! Thank you!

  • Grace S

    I love Cherry Blossoms! They were so pretty when I saw them ~~

  • bora 🍓

    Your experience looked so wonderful, Jeonju will definitely be on my list to visit next year during the cherry blossom season!!

  • Get ready your camera gear next spring!!

  • I wish i can have a drive under the cherry blossom trees!!!

  • I absolutely love cherry blossoms especially the pinkish colour makes us feel lovely and wants to cherish the precious moment~

  • Joshua Garcia

    looks nice to do some work out there!!

  • Joshua Garcia

    I need to go to jeonju to walk those roads by myself

  • Joshua Garcia

    sure, im ready to be there soon

  • Joshua Garcia

    sadly, cherry bloosom is over, but this place will always be beautiful

  • Joshua Garcia

    wish cherry blossom lasted the whole year

  • Joshua Garcia

    when i go to jeonju i like going to this place

  • Joshua Garcia

    during my travels around the world i have never seen such a beautiful place as jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    nothing like the jeonju views at night

  • Joshua Garcia

    cherry blosoom in my mind, cherry blossom in my soul!

  • Joshua Garcia

    would like to know if there are any romantic legends regarding this place

  • Joshua Garcia

    wish i lived in jeonju

  • Nao Z

    Oh wow, this looks super pretty. I wish I knew it beforehand.

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    Just imaging have a bicycle, couple of friends, and cover the whole route with them.

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    This route is really well done, as you have a chance to fully view the whole beauty of this trees.

  • Nurseit Seitzhanov

    Have already visited many places, and this is definitely on my list.

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! As a photographer, I’ll keep this place in mind for next year, when cherry blossoms are blooming again.

  • Joshua Garcia

    There is nothing like getting to know a city by its roads

  • Joshua Garcia

    great to have these kind of places to have a walk

  • Joshua Garcia

    “would you like to have a walk with me?”, the boy said to the girl. “yes, but only if we go to jeonju” the girl said

  • Joshua Garcia

    what about a picnic here everyone

  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

    with love from jeonju: ray charles

  • Joshua Garcia

    jeonju is the best city in korea

  • Joshua Garcia

    please let me be in jeonju forever

  • Joshua Garcia

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    -peter parker

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  • Joshua Garcia

    the life i have lived has taken me to jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    wow, jeonju is the best

  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

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  • Joshua Garcia

    please tell me you will remember me when you wake up
    -from ethernal sunshine of the spotless jeonju

  • Joshua Garcia

    I’ll keep this place in mind for next year

  • Joshua Garcia

    erry blossom is a festive season that we shouldn’t miss, will take my friends here

  • Joshua Garcia

    This looks beautiful. Wish I had seen this post before

  • Joshua Garcia

    saw many pretty photos and videos of this places from instagram!!! but im sure mines will be better

  • Joshua Garcia

    such beautiful scenery!

  • Joshua Garcia

    u cannot miss places like this and enjoy such a beautiful event

  • Joshua Garcia

    Wish Cherry Blossom’s lasted longer ~~

  • Joshua Garcia

    will go here for sure

  • Joshua Garcia

    why cherry blossom lasts so little man

  • Shielfa

    instagramable place

  • Shielfa

    The one of best place to enjoying cherryblossom

  • Shielfa

    Worthy place

  • Shielfa


  • Shielfa

    This place so wonderful

  • Shielfa

    Recommended place!

  • Nasim Reza

    Beautiful Jeonju, beautiful Cherry

  • Gabriel Moreira

    Wow, I could probably spend hours taking pictures there! This looks straight out of a movie set