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Vivid and Colorful New Murals of Jaman Mural Village

Who gets to paint the murals at Jaman Mural Village? Last October, the city of Jeonju held ‘Jeonju Mural Triennale’ to select 20 new murals to redecorate Jaman Mural Village.

This map, located at the entrance of the village, shows where the new murals are. Might be convenient to take photo of this map. Today I’ll introduce several new murals.

The title of this mural is Yoon Cheol-gyu’s ‘the Herdsman and the Weaver and Today’. Based on the herdsman and the weaver fairy tale, the mural expresses the modern people’s nostalgia and their fond memories of love. Can you also feel it?

This is Kang Yeon-sook’s ‘Rubber Shoes, Walking the Flower Trail’. It was interesting to see the real rubber shoes being part of the mural. The bright flowers seem to brighten the whole alley.

This is Park Young-hyun’s ‘Becoming Child Again’. The mural was inspired by the painter’s childhood memory of playing with soapy bubbles. The colorful bubbles also made me blow some soapy bubbles again. On a corner of each mural has the name of the painter and the description of the mural, including what motivated and the meaning of the mural.

I thought it must have been a demanding job for the painters to walk up to the village with all the paints and brushes and to paint murals on different walls.

Not all murals are new. The past murals were repainted more vividly. Doesn’t this look like a mural that was painted just yesterday? Jaman Mural Village has become more colorful and vivid.

It must be nicer to visit here in person, but most people are staying safely at home due to the COVID-19. Hence, I also recommend watching this Youtube video. The video is on the new murals, the painter’s own description of the murals, and how Jaman Mural Village has been revitalized through the painting the new murals.

The Youtube channel of Jaman Mural Village also has videos on how the murals were drawn and how the village regeneration project was carried out.

It would be great if you could visit Jaman Mural Village in person, with family and friends. However, visit the village also online to hear the fascinating stories told by the painters!

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  • Jared Sandler

    My favorite mural pictured in this blog is ‘Becoming Child Again’. The vibrant bright colors of the various bubbles are refreshing for adults and a familiar sight for children. Adults can learn a lot from children and this particular mural at Jaman Mural Village is incredible!

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I really like Jaman Mural Village. It is very nice place to walk around and take lot of pictures hehe.I will visit again on spring season

  • Steve Joe

    Jaman Mural Village is a really beautiful place.