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Unique Korean-Style Desserts at Jeonju Hanok Village: Chagyeong and Gucafe

What better way to enjoy a warm spring day than slowly strolling around Jeonju Hanok Village and discovering a nice café? This week, I’ll introduce two venues in the Haonk Village that serve unique Korean-style desserts.


The first destination is Chagyeong. The entrance really attracts people’s gaze. Let’s step inside.

‘Chagyeong’ means ‘to borrow a scenery’. The name is motivated by the windows and doors of the hanok (Korean traditional building) which function as ‘frames that convey the scenery’ inside. The sunlight pouring through the big windows made me flutter.

The inside is warm and cosy.

The unique dessert of Chagyeong is ‘homemade yanggaeng’. ‘Yanggaeng’ is a dessert that has firm jelly-like texture and usually made from red bean and sugar.

The homemade yanggaeng at Chagyeong uses less sugar and preservative-free. On the menu were yanggaeng made from red bean, black sesame, pumpkin, or mugwort. I ordered the black sesame yanggaeng, omija-ade, and cube pound cake. Also on the menu were also red bean latte and jujube tea.

I loved the presentation of the black sesame yanggaeng cube.

The texture of the yanggaeng is soft but thick. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet like other factory-produced yanggaeng.

I loved the beautiful scenery through the windows and the variety of homemade yanggaeng in the menu.



Address: Gyeonggijeongil 61, Wansangu, Jeonju

Contact: 0507-1328-4820

Opening hours: weekdays 12:00 – 19:00 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays); Saturday 11:00 – 20:00; Sunday 11:00 – 19:00


My second destination is Gucafe, close to the Hanok Village entrance.

It’s a cosy café with many traditional Korean props.

I loved the different types of tables to choose from. The most popular seats were the ones with the soban (Korean traditional small dining table) and cushion.

What’s the special dissert of Gucafe?

Gucafe is known for its rice cake dessert menu. On the menu were: glutinous rice cake with whipped cream filling, injeolmi (glutinous rice cake tossed on powdered dried beans), and other Korean rice cakes. I ordered the glutinous rice cake with whipped cream filling.

Glutinous rice cakes usually have sweet red bean paste filling. I wondered what the whipped cream filling would do.

The chewy glutinous rice cake and the cold and sweet whipped cream go surprisingly well. I loved the light texture of the cream. It was even better with coffee.

I recommend Gucafe for the rice cakes!


Address: Taejoro 54, Wansangu, Jeonju

Contact: 0507-1498-9993

Opening hours: every day 10:00 – 22:00

Although the dessert menus are offered year-round, I think they really heighten the spring mood. Come visit Jeonju Hanok Village this spring for the unique desserts too!

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  • Lin Yang

    와오 내가 전통적인 한옥과 음식을 너무 좋아해서 여기 진짜가고싶네요 !
    고요하고 아름다워요!

  • Jared Sandler

    Thank you for introducing the unique desserts found in Chagyeong and Gucafe. It is the first time for me to see a glutinous rice cake with a whipped cream filling! The ‘not so sweet’ homemade yanggaeng also looks delicious.

  • zahra Hp

    homemade yanggaeng seems really delicious 😍😍😍

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Traditional korean desserts are delicious. I like to try them when there is a chance.

  • Prasad Reddy

    i love rice cakes , thank you for the suggestion i wuld say

  • Amelia Raj

    just love how tasty this could be, this brings a lot of memories , wanna visit back soon

  • Jem Dela Cruz

    It’s definitely a good place to visit for people who loves to eat sweet foods plus the structure or interior of the café are really attractive.

  • Cindy Cindy

    the beautiful food and the place looks so mesmerizing

  • Venkata Ramaiah

    chewy glutinous rice cake is something i wanna try for sure , it gives me mouth watering feeling , just seeing it

  • Mia Sophia

    this place looks so soothing, i wish i m here , the pics is great, so wanna make me visit

  • Sameera Raj

    such a beautiful place , nice blog

  • Pushpa A

    Jeonju is such a unique place with so many unqiue flavors

  • Haritha San

    the place looks so beautiful , a family place for sure

  • Emma S

    i wish i m in jeonju this summer, enjoying its beauty