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Spring stroll at Jeonju Hanok Village


​The last two months have been very different from the previous years. The scents of spring flower in the streets of Jeonju Hanok Village are more welcome than ever. Let’s find out what the spring of 2020 is like in the Hanok Village.

Gyeonggijeon Palace

It was a fine weekend day for spring picnic.

Jeonju Hanok Village is a world-famous tourist attraction with elegant hanok buildings, aromatic spring flowers, local street food, and things to experience.

Gyeonggijeon Palace is the most iconic spot in the Hanok Village, along with Jeondong Cathedral.

​The red apricot flower is a very popular photo spot here. The tree is not big, but its red flowers are very elegant.



Taejoro is the main street of the Hanok Village. The street is slightly less crowded than it used to be.

It’s a bit strange to see the street this empty.

But I still see some people outside with mask on, probably to enjoy the warmer weather.

​A short walk may provide a small comfort from the fatigue of this corona time.


Omokdae Traditional Garden

Omokdae Traditional Garden is the newest addition to the Hanok Village.

It’s comprised with the courtyard for outdoor concerts and hanging figures of traditional symbols.

It’d be much livelier when the flowers are in full bloom.

I’m curious how this space will turn out to be soon.

The spring of Jeonju Hyanggyo

Jeonju Hyanggyo (Confucian school) is considered the best spring destination inside Jeonju Hanok Village. The cornelian cherry flowers and apricot flowers herald the arrival of spring.

Jeonju Hyanggyo quietly boasts its relaxing atmosphere. I was lucky to have taken photos here without other people.

The green leaves are sprouting and colorful flowers are fully blooming at Jeonju Hyanggyo nowadays. It’s probably the best time of the year to visit.

I recommend renting hanbok costume and take instagrammable photos here.

It’s nice to take a walk at Jeonju Hanok Village in this weather, along the low stone walls and black tiled roofs. From magnolias, apricot flowers, and cornelian cherry flowers to forsythias, at every turn of alleyway corners, you’ll come across different faces of spring.

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  • Archana

    This place is sooo beautiful that i keep going to this place whenever i get a chance.i have already been to this place thrice. This street has a beautiful palace boasting of astounding korean traditional architecture. This place has a lot to eat and a lot of beautiful hanok cafes. Where you can drink korean tea or coffee while enjoying the view of the place. You can also rent hanbok at cheap prices and stroll around flaunting them..me and my friends had a lot of fun going around in hanbok and clicking lots of amazing pictures..since this place is so scenic i recommend you to take your camera with you. Jeonju is also famous for its choco pie ,gukbab and bibimbab… i have tried them all and it was all so delicious….!! For people who love alcohol they traditional korean wine called moju in jeonju ,you can buy it here.You can also enjoy some traditional korean performances on this street if you are lucky enough…i recommend this place to anyone who has plans of visiting korea

  • Beautifully photographed with emphasis on the spring blooms and flowers. Great work. Makes me and other tourists (I’m sure) to come and take a stroll through this lovely city.

  • Tahir Mahmood

    I wish, we can live in these beautiful and peaceful homes with the modern facilities.

  • Ainur

    I am very interested in this wonderful village which is illustrate korean history “Hanok village”. I hope one day I will go to there .The second main thing: the snail is the mascot of the Beautiful Pilgrimage Route. Its name is Nubagi, and it’ll guide you throughout the pilgrimage course.Strongly recommend to be there, you will be enjoy your time.Excellent everything 👏

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Hanok Village without a doubt is the best place in Jeonju. I have been there many times and I am enjoyed every visit!

  • Garrett Hohn

    Omokdae Traditional Garden looks great, I’d love to visit there with my wife.

  • Nic

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Jeonju

  • Woo Woo

    Here is so amazing. I think one of the most beautiful things in South Korea is Hanok. If you do not visit Hanok while in JeonJu so it means you have not visited JeonJu!

  • Desica Ana N

    I’ve also been there. That place is so good, especially for people who want to see hanok village nd also want to wear hanbok. Taking photo in this area is so good.

  • Missing Home

    I visited Jeju as a part of the UNITAR team. It was great learning. Known for no beggar or stealer in past, it great to see now socialism and capitalism have found it best combination in that serene place. The most underrated part of Jeju is its history and its people. They are the most peace-loving people in this world, no wonder why we wish to go for our honeymoon in that place. Who won’t?? after all, we want the next generation to be peace-loving human being.