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Splendid Cherry Blossom Flowers at Jeonju Zoo


Spring is the season of cherry blossom flowers. Higher daytime temperatures and thinner clothes can mean a picnic under the flowers. Jeonju Zoo is an ideal place for this.

Currently, Jeonju Zoo is open from 09:00 to 19:00.

In the past, the zoo used to open until night. However, since 2017, the night open is no longer available due to the safety of the animals.

Past the main gate of the zoo is the monument that honors the citizens of Jeonju.

From here, the left is Dream Land with a roller coaster and a haunted house. The right is the cherry blossom road. The road starts from the signboard.

The cherry blossom road circles the zoo. It’s possible to see animals from the road. After doing a circle, why not visit Dream Land for a roller coaster ride?

I visited during a weekday morning, but it was already very crowded. Everyone seemed busy taking photos under the cherry blossom flowers. I could feel my heart fluttering!

It’s possible to observe animals from the cherry blossom road. There were eagles and eagle owls. Also, since it’s currently the spawning season for the peacocks, it’s not difficult to spot their marvellous tails.

The right road leads to deer. The left road leads to wolves. The cherry blossom trees are lined on the left road.

Other animals that you can see on the cherry blossom road are elks, sheep, Japanese monkeys, and zebras. The animals return to indoors on 17:30 (during summer).

The cherry blossom road finishes next to the bears. I see the monument again.

Before heading to Dream Land, enter the small trail on the left. I entered a garden with plum blossoms, another flower of springtime!

Dream Land has several fun rides! I also recommend taking photos in front of the ferris wheel.

Have you seen the cherry blossom petals blowing in the wind? It’s very romantic. People say if you can catch a cherry blossom petal, your will fall in love. Why not try?

The cherry blossom flowers will peak this week. Let’s visit Jeonju Zoo with your loved ones and enjoy the precious springtime!

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  • Jared Sandler

    Pleasant pictures of cherry blossoms and plum blossoms at Jeonju Zoo. It’s convenient to be able to enjoy strolling on the cherry blossom road while also viewing various animals such as peacocks, eagles, elks, bears, monkeys, deer, sheep, and zebras. An ideal place for a picnic during Jeonju City’s spring weather. Surprising to know that Dream Land offers a year-round attraction of a Haunted House!

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    Spring means full of colourful Flowers specially Cherry blossoms.Jeonju zoo decorated with Cherry blossom and beautiful Peacocks is really Gorgeous!!!