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Palbok Art Factory: Everyday Artistic Playground for People

Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, a.k.a. ‘Palbok Art Factory’, used to be a cassette tape factory during the 1980s. The site had been abandoned for a while. However, the factory is reborn as a cultural attraction in 2016, thanks to city regeneration project by the Jeonju City. Today, I’ll introduce the Blocks A and B of Palbok Art Factory.

Block A, 1st Floor

Palbok Art Factory Block A 1st Floor hosts studios for artists. The tenant artists create, experiment, and incubate their ideas and passions.

Block A, 2nd Floor

The Block A 2nd Floor is space for education and exhibition. The 2nd floor holds year-long exhibitions and educational programs such as AA(Art Adapter), the school that supports artists through creative and experimental art education.

Block A, Rooftop

The concept of rooftop of Block A is playground and exhibition. This space retains the previous factory structure. The match of the structure and the works of art gives exotic ambience.


Block B

Block B is reserved for cultural-artistic education. Both children and adults are encouraged to join the artists for educational programmes held here. The murals painted by the local children seem to symbolize the main mission of Palbok Art Factory to support the artistic potential in children.

The musical and fine arts programs offered in Block B cater to various needs, from infants to teenagers.

Palbok Art Factory aims to bring the artists out from the people of all ages. This former cassette tape factory is a very accessible place for experiencing art in our everyday life.


Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok

Address: Guretdeul 1gil 46, Deokjingu, Jeonju

Contact: 063-211-0288

Homepage: http://www.palbokart.kr/

Opening hours: 10:00~18:00 every day

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  • Kanna Orikasa

    Reminds me of a creative park I visited in Taiwan~ I love these kinds of places because it looks real trendy and totally Instagram-able hehe~

  • What a motivational space for artists and visitors alike. As an artist myself, I envy the fact that we don’t have something similar to this creative and playful space in Daejeon. Looking forward to visiting it.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Definetely Jeonju is a artistic city!. in Villages, Factories, small streets.

  • Garrett Hohn

    I love re-purposed materials and spaces, this location looks like a great source of inspiration for my future design projects.

  • 비타이니BeTiny

    Is this open for free. wow I didn’t know that there is an artistic place near my house. Must go for shooting photos here