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Lotus and Music Fountain at Jeonju Deokjin Park

If you’ve been wondering where to go to take refugee from the sun, I recommend Deokjin Park. The lush trees provide ample shades during the day and the music fountain chases away the heat during the night. Most of all, Deokjin Lake is covered with the famous lotus flowers in full bloom. Now’s a great time to spend time at Deokjin Park with your friends, family, or significant other.

This is the map of Deokjin Park. There are two routes to the main plaza: you can either cross the lake on the bridge or walk along the lake. If you’re more interested in enjoying the lotus flowers blooming over your feet, take the bridge route. If you feel like taking time, take the route along the lake. Also, if it’s not too hot, why not ride the ‘duck boat’ on the lake?


Rent a bike!

You can rent a bike to get around the park more easily. The city of Jeonju rents one-person bike or two-people bike for only 1,000 won. And you may ride as long as you want during the day. Below is the information on the bike rent inside Deokjin Park

Bike rent inside Deokjin Park

Rent time

April, May, September, October: 09:00~18:00

June, July, August: 09:00~19:00

March, November, December: 10:00~17:00

January, February: rent unavailable

Every Monday and Chuseok: rent unavailable

To rent a bike you need a mobile phone for identity certification

Fee: 1,000 won


Lotus flowers blooming over the lake

If you feel like taking a stroll under the shades, Deokjin Park is the perfect place. And most of all, if you walk along the trail that surrounds the Deokjin Lake, you can enjoy the scenery of the famous lotus flowers over the lake in full bloom.

This is the main gate of Deokjin Park. This is where the walking trail starts. You may also find the tourist information center near the gate, in case you want to find out more about Jeonju.

This is the start of the walking trail. As you walk, you’ll come across the bridge over the lake and the lotus flowers.

At the end of the bridge over the lake is the beginning of other walking trails. Here’s the tip for really discovering all that Deokjin Park has to offer, I recommend visiting here around 5 in the afternoon. Walk around the lake while enjoying the view of the lotus flowers. Enjoy the sunset on the bridge and watch the music fountain.


The music fountain in the evening

If you visit Deokjin Park in the evening, don’t miss the music fountain. The fountain operates on designated times. I couldn’t keep my eyes off from the dancing fountain.

Above is the days and times for the music fountain. Keep in mind that, like the bike rent, the fountain doesn’t operate on Mondays. The best spot to view the music fountain is next to the bridge on the main plaza side.

The music fountain usually lasts for four to five songs. It was really refreshing to watch the powerful streams of water dancing along the music. I recommend visiting Deokjin Park to survive the summer heat!

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  • I think i would love to follow your recommendation to go to this Deokjin Park in the evening time. In the evening time we can enjoy the greatest sunset view and the music fountain that is not commonly can see in any places! Could u tell us what time is the music fountain show start?

  • Aysha

    I saw a similar music fountain show before, but I would love to see the one in Jeonju and surrounded by traditional Korean ambience and atmosphere.