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Jeonu Hanok Village Traditional Street Parade


Every week, various traditional cultural performances take place in Jeonju Hanok Village. This week, I’ll introduce a fun Korean traditional street parade in Jeonju Hanok Village that everyone can join and enjoy some festive tunes.

The official name of the parade is ‘Hanok Maeul Jeontong Yeonhee Parade’ (Hanok Village Traditional Performance Parade). Currently, the parade is held every Saturday, from 14:30 to 15:30. The parade starts at the Namcheongyo Bridge, proceeds along the Jeonjuchun River, and ends at the Hanbyeokgyo Bridge.

(from July to August, the parade will be held from 17:00 to 18:00; the parade will start at the Namcheongyo Bridge and proceed into Jeonju Hanok Village, ending at the Gyeonggijeon Palace; the parade route is subject to changes in the Social Distancing Level in the Jeonju area).

Anybody can join!

Despite the hot weather, many people were waiting (while wearing mask) for the parade. Even at distance, the spectators were having lots of fun with the parade. The lush greens along the river were good props for the parade.


Gijeopnori (‘g’ as in ‘goose’), the highlight of the parade, is originally a flag dance jointly held by the seventeen different local villages. The festive mood was very high with the fluttering giant flags and the traditional music.

Performances during the parade

The Jeonju Hanok Village parade is not just a march. Along the way to the destination, the parade also holds different performances on the streets, such as madangnori (Korean traditional short satirical plays that often involve the spectators).

If you’re visiting Jeonju and looking for something traditional, authentic, local, and folkish, I suggest go have fun at the Jeonju Hanok Village parade!

Jeonju Hanok Village Traditional Performance Parade (Hanok Maeul Jeontong Yeonhee Parade)
■ Location
– Social Distancing Level 1.5 and above: Namcheongyo Bridge (Cheongyeonru Pavilion) – Hanbyeokdang (Hanbyeokru Pavilion)
– Social Distancing Level 1 and 0: Namcheongyo Bridge (Cheongyeonru Pavilion) – Gyeonggijeon
■ Time
– Every Saturday, 2021 May 15 ~ October 30 (special parades will be held during the Chuseok holidays October 21~22)
– 14:30~15:30 (July~August: 17:00~18:00)


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  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    wow, one reason more to visit again Jeonju!

  • Jared Sandler

    This article contains useful Korean cultural terminology for foreigners to learn, such as ‘Gijeopnori’ & ‘Madangnori’. Through this blog post, I learned that it is possible for foreigners to participate in Korean traditional satirical plays each Saturday along the parade route in Jeonju City.

  • Haagii Jp Kr

    Woow nice

  • Muskan Slmani

    Jeonju Hanok Village Traditional Street Parade It is wonderful to see this parade that takes place every year and the people who participate in it. It is a matter of great happiness for them. I love being involved in such wonderful opportunities. I would like to attend the Jeonju Hanok Village Traditional Street Parade every year!

  • Hanako Kun

    Dear @Jeonju All About Korea 🙏
    Jeonju Hanok Village ❤️It is very attractive place of korea. I wish to want to visit hanok village and enjoying… This was well worth the hype: a preserved traditional village with some cultural finds along the way. Pop in at the calligraphy and sake museums or just stroll the peaceful streets, trying Korean snacks and watching the locals rent colourful hanbok outfits.The fastest way to get to Jeonju is to take the KTX, which will get you there in about 2 hours. The slower train, Mugunghwa, will take closer to 4. You can always check times and vacancies on letskorail. From the train station, you’ll want to just grab a taxi to the Hanok Village.