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Jeonju Hanok Village’s Autumn Night View

Hot summer has passed, and autumn is here. The evenings have become cooler with the autumn breeze. Today, I’ll introduce the autumn night view spots of Jeonju Hanok Village.

Pungnammun Gate

The first night view spot is Pungnammun Gate. Pungnammun is the south gate of Jeonju Castle, which used to be the capital of the southwest region.

Gyeonggijeon stone wall walk

Our second spot is Gyeonggijeon stone wall walk. In the evening, the dimly lit stone wall walk creates rather elegant and mysterious atmosphere. The walk is also renowned as instagrammable.

The streets of Jeonju Hanok Village

Our third spot is the streets of Jeonju Hanok Village. Autumn evenings are the best times to walk under the traditional Korean lamp-shaped streetlight, along the hanok buildings.

Cheongyeonru Pavilion

Our last spot is Cheongyeonru Pavilion, built in the middle of Namchungyo Bridge. At the pavilion, you can enjoy the breeze blowing over the river. Also, the night view overlooking the reflections on the river is magnificent.

I introduced the night view spots of Jeonju Hanok Village. Instead of staying inside, what about walking the streets of Jeonju Hanok Village this autumn evenings?

Jeonju Hanok Village

Address: Girindaero 99, Wansangu, Jeonju

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  • Jared Sandler

    Wow, some incredible pictures of autumn night view at Jeonju Hanok Village. Beautiful nature surrounding the village and the streets do not look crowded with visitors at night. Perfect for an after dinner peaceful stroll.

  • Arielle Pukanecz

    I love all the night shots. Usually I only get there on day tours. Now I need a weekend trip!

  • Stunning! I love visiting traditional villages. Really shows the rich history of the country and encourages us foreigners to appreciate this beautiful country more.

  • Song Manon

    Been there in march 2019 and it was so lovely at night ! A really pretty place to spend your time and I would live to go back in Autumn to see trees changing colors!

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I really liked this pictures. I think season are weather are also good to visit Jeonju and walk around at night.

  • Home Cafe

    I would like to say that photos are amazing! I read the post with fun. I visited jeonju in 2013 but after these amazing photos I would like to visit again I visited jeonju in 2013 but after these amazing photos I would like to visit again https://media4.giphy.com/media/l0ExaFMqF4U8cjRJu/giphy.gif

  • Şeyma Esma Uygun

    What a wonderful place to take instagramable photos!😶😶

  • Braelyn

    I visited Jeonju a little while ago and I loved seeing the village in the evening. It’s lit really nicely so it’s a pretty place to walk around!

  • Thu Giang Vũ

    Fabulous night view

  • venkatray

    nice plcace. looks so beautiful. i want to visit this place.