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Jeonju Future Heritage Teahouses: Haengwon and Bisabeolchosa

Last year, the city of Jeonju designated 38 modern historic sites of as “Jeonju Future Heritage”. They are the artifacts and sites from the modern & premodern era significant enough to represent Jeonju in 100 years. Today I’ll introduce two of the heritages, both of which are famous local teahouses.


Café Haengwon


My first destination is Café Haengwon, located near Pungnammun Gate (next to Jeonju Hanok Village). Café Haengwon is famous for holding traditional Korean music concert every Saturday 4pm. I immersed myself in the traditional Korean artistic mood.

Café Haengwon has a long history. It started as an academy for kisaeng (courtesans from the past that provided artistic entertainment). It was once a high-end restaurant too. Now it’s a traditional teahouse.

The café has the quiet but elegant atmosphere of traditional Korean culture. The courtyard has a small pond and a garden. Inside the building are antique furniture, traditional Korean paintings, porcelains, and other things from the past harmonizing with each other.

The barista of Café Haengwon is someone who won a prize for reproducing the coffee of the King Gojong of Joseon Dynasty (he’s known as the first person to drink coffee in Korea). I can’t drink coffee but instead ordered other tea-based drinks and smoothies. Apart from coffees, on the menu are saenggangcha (ginger tea), ssanghwacha (herb tonic tea), susubukumi (millet pancake), cakes, and the like.

​I visited on Saturday afternoon so that I can attend the traditional Korean music concert. On the day of my visit, a local traditional Korean music group “Nanirae” held concert. With the music and drink, I felt as if I’ve gone back in time.

If you want to rest your mind with traditional Korean music and coffee/tea in thequiet but elegant mood, I recommend Café Haengwon.



Address: Pungnam

mun 3gil 12, Wansangu, Jeonju

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 every day

Contact: 063-284-6566



Bisabeolchosa used to be the home of a famous poet Sin Seok Jeong. “Bisabeol” is the old name of Jeonju, and “chosa” means a thatch-roofed house.

The old house and lush garden are preserved as they were when the poet was still alive.

The poet’s favorite magnolia tree is still there.

These are the poet’s living room and study. I could share his taste.

Now Bisabeolchosa is a teahouse. I recommend “Bisabeolchosa Cha (tea)” made from acacia flowers. You can also order dumpling, if you feel hungry. I ordered “kot ssanghwatang” (flower herbal tonic tea)” and “yigangjocha (pear and ginger tea)”. They were served with rice cakes and rice snacks.


​Because of the poet Sin Seok Jeong was often inspired by the house and garden, many artists and students still frequent Bisabeolchosa. Mr. Kim Nam Yong, the current owner, gives people guided tour of the place.

“Jeonju Future Heritage” sites are the hidden gems of the city! Discover the local culture and history at Café Haengwon and Bisabeolchosa.



Address: Gwanseon 4gil 42-9, Wansangu, Jeonju

Contact: 063-231-3118

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  • Şeyma Esma Uygun

    I really like the unique Café Haengwon https://media0.giphy.com/media/l0IyccEqUTO7xy9Ec/giphy.gif

  • Palagani

    The district unit plan of historical city will be established with the original downtown as the center; the old provincial office of Jeolla-do will be restored, and the history & culture area of Donghak Peasant revolution will be created to become a new base for culture and tourism. We will transform ‘Seonmi-chon’ into the village of human rights and art; designate ‘Seohak-dong art village’ as the first village of Future Legacy Project, which will be the forerunner in creating the second Hanok Village.ddd

  • Bharatkumar

    Well organised and smoothly run tour of western South Korea. Great guide Jay who was informative and interesting, funny and obviously passionate about his country. Thanks for sharing with us and introducing us to your amazing culture, food and history. We miss kimchi at every meal and the great fun with our group , even the hikes in hot humid weather!!! We will be back one day to see more of your amazing countr

  • Bharatkumar

    We usually are not a couple that like to do a group tour but with the language issue and want to cover more ground in short time..this turnout to be the best decision we made in entire trip in SK. From contact directly with Hanatour Ms. Suyeon Lee answered all questions fast and promptly..due to high vacation season the Eastern part tour all booked up so we only can do the Western part tour which is wonderful..all the hotels they picked were 4 stars great in both location and nice. Everyday with lot of good food. The tour itself our guide Mr Jae was funny but serious due to our large group of 28 people..he handled everything professionally. The driver was good driver and always smiled. We.cannot ask for more for the best price, best deal in SK..absolutely will be back for eastern part tour in future.. Highly recommended!! Thanks

  • mahammad mb

    Because of our great tour guide, we had a great understanding about korean history and culture. He’s very caring and considerate to every one in the group.

  • Gwen Qua

    The place looks relaxing and also very well maintained.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    So nice and pacific place!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Marvelous place for fulfilling visitors aspirations!