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A Holiday Under the Lush Greens: The Jeonju Arboretum in Summer

“The Jeonju Arboretum Reopen for Summer Holidays”

The Korea Expressway Corporation’s Jeonju Arboretum has reopened after the temporary closure to stop the spread of the coronavirus. To visit the arboretum, wearing mask is compulsory. Also, social distancing and using hand sanitizer or washing hands frequently are recommended. Those with over 37.5C fever or showing respiratory symptoms cannot enter.

I also wore mask and used the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.

The arboretum, which had been empty for a while, seemed very serene. Only the sounds of wind blowing past leaves and the birds chirping were filling the air.

The lush green trees seemed to be the protagonists of the arboretum at summer. The thorns of this Chinese honey locust tree look scary but are widely used in the oriental medicine to treat skin inflammations and asthma.

There are also 155 different species of aquatic plants, including the endangered ones, in the arboretum. The aquatic area of the arboretum is open from April to October.

The rule for visiting the Jeonju Arboretum is to keep the outstretched arms distance (about 2 meters). The indoor facilities where this rule cannot be applied, such as the glasshouse will remain closed to public. The rose garden was also closed for renovation, but from the sneak peek, it must look awesome when the renovation is done.

I guess children will love this neatly mowed lawn with the giraffe statue.

However, eating and drinking are prohibited in the lawn. There’s the designated picnic and rest area where the visitors can eat their lunchbox, snacks, or beverages. However, spreading a mat or installing a tent in the arboretum is forbidden.

Cold beverages can be ordered at the ‘Café Arbo’. There were already some people during the morning, enjoying the fresh scent of the forest with their coffee.

Next to the café is the ‘Landmark Square’ (Western Garden). The lotus and the reflection of the oriental thuja tree wall on the pond create calm and relaxing ambience under the blue sky.

The red and pink poppies were everywhere in the arboretum. These poppies are different from those used for making drugs.

This rest area (Punggyeong Shimtoe) overlooking the wetland is the most popular photo zone in the arboretum. Since this is Jeonju, the rest area is inspired by the wide wooden floor of a hanok building.

If you’re visiting this rest area, this is the spot to take some instagrammable photos against the lush green aquatic plants

At Nambu Sujongwon area, there are different plants from the southern islands and coastal areas. Also, the rare evergreen trees of the Korean Peninsula, such as Korean dendropanax, keep here green year around.

This is Jukrimwon, where 52 different kinds of bamboos are planted. Because of the green and upright quality, the bamboo tree has symbolized incorruptibility in the Confucian culture. I wanted to capture the graceful ambience of the bamboo trail in the photo.

Various plants of the rhododendron genus are planted in the Rhododendron Garden. The rare rhododendron fauriei plant, native to Korea and Japan, is an evergreen with the beautiful flower that blooms in the early summer.

The Korea Expressway Corporation Jeonju Arboretum is the only arboretum run by a public company. The arboretum is not only a resting place, but also a place for getting to know the plants native to the Korean Peninsula.

If you’re visiting the Jeonju Arboretum, make sure you follow the rules to stop the spread of the coronavirus!


The Korea Expressway Corporation Jeonju Arboretum

Address: Beonyeong-ro 462-45, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju

Entrance fee: free

Opening hours:

Winter: 09:00 ~ 18:00 every day (Sep.16~Mar.14)

Summer: 09:00 ~ 19:00 every day (Mar.15~Sep.15)


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  • Nic

    It looks so beautiful!

  • Archana

    Looks mesmerizing 🤩🤩

  • Cristina Pérez

    So beautiful!!! Will definitely visit this summer😻

  • Jared Sandler

    It makes sense that Korea Expressway Corporation has an arboretum, but I didn’t know it is located in Jeonju City. Through the photographs and descriptions provided in this blog, the most appealing sections of the arboretum appear to be the Jukrimwon, Sujongwon, and the aquatic area.

    The headquarters of DO-RO-GONG-SA is located in Gimcheon City, where there is also an assortment of green gardens on the premises. Korea Expressway Corporation’s arboretum in Jeonju City appears to be quite large and definitely worth a visit!

  • Kholood Al_raee

    I travel to many cities in Korea but unfortunately I haven’t been to jeonju city , so I hope I can visit it someday .

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I really like to visit the Arboretum places in Korea. Every season they are different and change the colors of the trees. Very nice!

  • Munich

    I live in Jeonju and had no idea about this place :O