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Strolling Around the Seohak-dong Art Village

The relatively tranquil Seohak-dong Art Village is only a bridge-cross away from the bustling Hanok Village. It’s a place where you can enjoy artworks in a relaxing atmosphere. There aren’t splendid views or dynamic things in the Art Village. However, as a village of artists and locals, the everyday life and artworks mix to create its own warm air and natural charms.

Since a musician and a writer couple moved to live here in 2010, different artists: photographer, embroider, painter, and others, followed suit. For the last seven years, this village has transformed into a creative studio for artists. Let’s have a look at the artists’ every day in the Seokhak-dong Art Village.


Seohak Art Space

Seohak Art Space is an art culture complex comprised of a café on the first floor, a gallery on the second floor, and a guest house on the third and fourth floors. The artistic and sleek air of the café is very relaxing. You’re very welcome in the gallery even if you haven’t ordered something from the café.

When I visited, artist Im Taek-Jun’s works were being exhibited. I personally liked the exhibition and spent quite a long time there. The artworks on display are being frequently replaced, so feel free to visit whenever this place hits your mind!


Seohak-dong Sajingwan

At the end of a blind lane filled with cute craftwork shops and murals was an old hanok building with small garden. I’ve found Seohak-dong Sajingwan (‘sajingwan’ means photo studio).

After drinking a cold americano coffee on a colorful table, I walk into the gallery. Inside are works of artist Kim Ji-Yeon and other famous artists of photography. The gallery is partly financed by the coffee sales.

When I visited, photography works of artist Sung Nam-Hun were being exhibited. The photos and phrases made me feel as if I’m in the middle of war-torn refugee camp. The photo album was on sale. The entrance fee is 2,000 won, but it’s definitely worth visiting.


Sunjae Gallery

Boasting a vintage exterior, Sunjae Gallery was holding artist Lee Hee-Chun’s exhibition. Behind the gallery is a guest house called Mongyoohwawon – the House of a Painter.

When I visited, artist Lee Hee-Chun was absent, but I heard that he usually likes to offer a tea over friendly conversation to those visiting his gallery.


Buchae (Fan) Museum

I walked along the art studios and vintage bookshops to arrive at the Buchae (Fan) Museum at the end of the street. The first floor is a shop selling artistic fans. The second floor is the Fan Museum. The entrance fee is 1,000 won.

The museum not only exhibits fans, but also the history of the Korean fans, tools used by the fan masters to make fans, and the fans from all over the world. The place surely lives up to its name ‘Fan Museum.’ I lost track of time among the splendid fans that reflect their time and space of origin.


The Seohak-dong Art Village is filled with artworks that boasts the uniqueness of the local artists. If you enjoyed enough of the Hanok Village’s historic buildings, restaurants, and vibrant air, I recommend crossing over to the Seohak-dong Art Village to appreciate a variety artworks of local artists and relax while sipping a cup of tea.



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