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Seohakdong Art Village: Urban Regeneration Through Art

The rising star in Jeonju’s art and culure scene is ‘Seohakdong Art Village (Seohakdong Yesulchon)’. The village is not only home to many local artists, but also boasts the exhibitions, experiences, and urban sceneries that cannot be found elsewhere. Today, I’ll introduce the unique galleries of Seohakdong Art Village that are locals’ favorite.

Seohakdong district was considered one of the more underdeveloped and poorer neighborhoods in Jeonju. However, since 2010, local painters, musicians, and other artists started opening studios in the district. Soon, a community of artists and art enthusiasts started to flourish.

Seohakdong Photo Gallery (‘Seohakdong Sajin-gwan’)

Seohakdong Photo Gallery (‘Seohakdong Sajin-gwan’) is run by professional photographer Kim Jihyun. In front of the photo gallery, formerly an old hanok building, is a cute signboard.

Inside, the wooden columns and white walls are mingling very elegently. The photos on exhibition are exclusive to this photo gallery.

The recycled plastic bottle pots hainging against the wall and murals give friendly feelings.


Seohakdong Sajin-gwan

Address: Seoseohakdong 189-20, Wansangu, Jeonju

Opening hours: 1100-1800 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)


Seohak Art Space

Seohak Art Space is a three-storied building. The first floor is the café, the second floor is the art gallery, and the third floor is the guesthouse.

Most of the temporary exhibitions at Seohak Art Space last for a shot period. So each time you visit, you’ll come across a different exhibition. You can find out what’s on at the homepage of Seohak Art Space. (http://seohak-gallery.com/)


Seohak Art Space

Address: 51-3 Seoseohakdong, Wansangu, Jeonju

Opening hours: 0900-1900


Seonjae Art Gallery (‘Seonjae Misulgwan)

Seonjae Art Gallery (‘Seonjae Misulgwan’) is not big, but the artworks on display were diverse. The warm lighting over each pieces of art made me feel solemn.


Seonjae Misulgwan

Adddress: 85 Seohak 3-gil, Wansangu, Jeonju

Opening hours: 1100-1800 (closed on Mondays)


The art spaces of Seohakdong Art Village are of moderate sizes. However, they conveyed Jeonju’s traditional elegance and modern charms. I do recommend spending time here especially if you’re interested in the local art scene or urban renewals in Jeonju.

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  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    I have minor understanding in art, yet I always enjoy visiting art gallery!!! It’s intriguing how arts could bring you happiness, excitement and relaxation!

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Also by visiting art galleries like Seonjae Art Gallery and Seohak Art Gallery you can learn a new trend or knowledge on art. For example you can learn how tradiotional vibe can blend beautifily with modern charm by exploring Seonjae Art Gallery~~

  • Hanary Geby Jessica Sianipar

    Definitely worth to visit! Educating and entertaining trip~~~

  • Starr Stultz

    The quaint but culture rich area is definitely on my to see list as I’m currently studying Korean art history. It reminds me so much of my native culture when it comes to community support and enrichment.