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Going Out on a Date to Jeolla Gamyoung-gil Street


​Jeonju has several famous streets with ‘character’. Among them, Jeolla Gamyoung-gil is a street populated with unique venues that are locally run. Due to their value, service, and atmosphere, they make great secret hiding spots for couples. Whether you want, with your significant other, a relaxed talk, quietly concentrating on each other’s eyes, or just enjoying delicious meal and dessert together, Jeolla Gamyoung-gil has it all.

Aromatic coffee in a warm and bright atmosphere: OAT

OAT is a café specializing in freshly roasted coffee. The moderate size of the café is made up by the large window open to the main street and props shouting that this is a café that roasts coffee every week. Rather, the inside feels very cosy thanks to wooden tables and chairs, flowers and other plants in pots.

Me and my friends ordered the most popular menu: Flat Oatly, Bimilui Sup (‘Secret Forest’), Chocolat Latte, and Cheesecake.

This is the popular ‘Flat Oatly’, coffee with oat milk. I usually love enjoying the savoriness and subtle sweetness of milk in café latte. But ‘Flat Oatly’ brought the savoriness and sweetness to a different level. I couldn’t forget the flavour and aroma of the beverage for several days after my first visit. I highly recommend ‘Flat Oatly’ if you love café latte or if you’re lactose intolerant.

Another special menu at OAT is ‘Bimilui Sup’, combination of raspberries and lime and lemon marmalade. ‘Bimilui Sup’ was neither too sour nor sweet. It has unique flavor and aroma that cannot be found elsewhere. I loved it, but some others might not. I recommend trying it if you want to try something new.

‘Chocolat Latte’ seemed like a good stress reliever. It brings together the bitterness of cacao and the sweetness of chocolate. Also, there’s a similar bittersweet menu called ‘BAD FOR DIET’, which combines espresso shot, chocolate, whipped cream, and marshmallow. For both drinks, the harmony of bitterness and sweetness stays in the mouth for a while.

We also ordered ‘Cheesecake’. The texture of the cheesecake was rather crusty than thick. The flavor wasn’t too sweet, but light and very much enjoyable with other beverage menus.


Address: Chunggyung-ro 20, Wansan-gu, Jeonju

Contact: 063-902-5399

Opening hours: 1100~2200 (Closed on Tuesdays)

Elegant pork and craft beer: Only Hands

If you’ve found a venue with wide windows and antique-vintage interior, you’re at ‘Only Hands’. ‘Only Hands’ is the first project of Global Food Culture Cooperative, aiming to foster local brands, re-develop the old town of Jeonju, and create jobs for young people in the areas of food and culture.

‘Doozy Pork’, the local livestock brand affiliated with Jeonbuk National University’s Agriculture and Life Sciences College, and ‘Jeonju Craft’, the local craft beer brand, worked together to create ‘Only Hands’. So, the quality of the menu here is guaranteed.

There were a range of dishes offered on the menu. But since ‘Only Hands’ is famous for pork, I ordered a pork dish.

I highly recommend ‘Boneless sous-vide schweinshaxe’ (Bbyo upnun sous-vide haxen). The pork, aged in stout beer for a while, was very soft although it wasn’t very fatty. Also, the flavor is stunning and unforgettable.

‘Pan-fried pork shoulder with teriyaki and mayo sauce’ (Yakimayo moksalbokkum & rice) was also good. Don’t forget to dip the pork shoulder in the special wasabi-mayo sauce. This dish goes well with rice too.

These dishes definitely call for beer. I tried all three craft beers offered in Only Hands. They were made from 100% local barley brewed according to Korean traditional alcohol-making process. Only Hands seemed like a great place to spend time with your significant other over good beer and food.

Only Hands

Address: Jeonju Gaeksa 1-gil 100, Wansan-gu, Jeonju

Contact: 070-4038-5023

Opening hours: 1600~0200 (Closed on Mondays)

Vintage and Friendly Pub: Pub Groom

Pub Groom has vintage but neat interior, high ceilings, warm lighting, moderately dark and noisy, and good food and drinks. This place seems like great way wrap up a lovely date.

The inside is not too big. There’re four tables for four and one table for six. On the other side is a bar that can accommodate any visiting single. The bar surrounds an open kitchen.

There are a range of food and drink menus, each with a long description written with care. I felt like trying every drink but I ended up ordering draft beer. I could see the chef making dishes upon our order.

I ordered ‘Beef hot pot Japanese style’ (‘Sogogi Nabe’). It’s a steam boat style hot pot with Japanese soy sauce broth. Beef and vegetable were heaping up in a cute hot pot. When they are nice and ready, I took some pieces out and dipped them in a sauce. Once I’m done with the beef and vegetables, I poured noodles into the broth.

Pub Groom is famous for food menus. I’m sure ending your date here with nice food and drinks will guarantee a special memory in your romance.

Pub Groom

Address: Jeolla Gamyoung 2-gil 36, Wansan-gu, Jeonju

Contact: 010-4538-1450

Opening hours: 1800~0300


It’s nice that Jeolla Gamyoung-gil is not overcome by franchise stores. If you’re wondering where to visit this weekend with your significant other, I recommend enjoying the vibrant and friendly atmosphere of Jeolla Gamyoung-gil!

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  • KyoungKi Kim

    This looks very delicious

  • Lawrence Limjuco

    I am a foodie. For me, food depicts each place, in one way or another. Hence, I see to it that whenever I plan travel itinerary, place-to-go for great foods are laid out. Thanks for this post, I will definitely go to these places when I go to Jeonju.

  • Rachelle

    Don’t get me started on the food in Jeonju. I was there for two days and I swear I gained some quality food weight hahah. Good food everywhere!

  • Great suggestions for date places! It’s always good to have some in the list in case what you have chosen originally turns to be too busy :/)

  • Shana Trương

    Yum! Craft beer! Coming from a city with many breweries, it’s nice to see the craft beer scene in Korea.